Philosoraptor Friday #1

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philosoraptor police station.jpg

(add the world "having" to the bottom of this one, I shouldn't meme and drink but i have to)
![philosoraptor kushner.jpg]([skeptical child.png]


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Have a fun weekend. Read my other stuff when you sober up.

Peace and Reason Forever!


The "antichrist" is, as far as I understand it, all dishonesty, lies, deception. I do not think Jared Kushner is "the anti-christ" - I think he's merely a large symptom of the general nature of anti-christ that permeates mainstream culture... with all it's porn, promiscuity, dishonesty, authoritarianism, collectivism and statism.

You're wrong about that, the antichrist is taught by christians to be the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing that the majority of christians will be fooled by until it's too late.