Im between scamcoiner, and shitcoiner! hahaha (so sad)...
I hope to ascend soon! ... I dont lose hope hahaha!

hahaha you'll moon soon no worries!! Greetings from Canada!

what shitcoin and scamcoin?

get on an exchange brother, and trade up for something better!

HODLer on like 99% of my stuff, but the majority of my holdings, are spread among like 40 different altcoins! some might be shitcoins, and I was victim to one or two scamcoins over the last year.

Ahhh, it feels good to be diversified! top-tier pyramid!👍

I am on bottom "no coiner", have to work hard to promote on high level ☺

What about you @mes

nope. now you got a little coin, 0.03 steem to be exact ;)

Oh yes , thanks for upvoting man..

no prob. where you from?

I am from India friend, what about you???

America :)

I live in New hampshire.. it's a small state near the city of Boston. Perhaps you've heard of it?

Now a question I always ask Indians is are they from the north and speak Hindi or are they from the south and speak one of the Southern languages like dravidian? Forgive me if I'm wrong but there does seem to be a difference between North and South in your country.

I drive a truck for a living and I see a lot of Punjabis wearing flip-flops and a lot of Sikh drivers wearing turbans. It's kind of cool they tend to decorate their trucks a little bit.

Haha we speak Hindi man,the punjabis you have met are one of the elite personality of our India, they always wear a turban on their head..

The taller the turban, the more élite the Punjabi? 😋

Have you found a way to buy cryptos yet in india?

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I am all top 4 levels... or 5... depends on your choice of shitcoins :)

they're ALL shitcoins! O.O #shitcoi_maximalist

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