Haha, I think he's going to look like this some more times in the next years (If he is still alive then)

Yeah, i hope for Czexit... I see that you are from Germany.. Why people vote Merkel, Schultz again again ?

Man, I don't know. It's the old people mainly that don't care about politics but still vote for the CDU or the SPD. Me and my family are from Russia actually, and since we live in Germany we wonder why these parties are getting elected again and again.
You know since Merkel is the chancellor nothing in this country changed and everything only got worse. But with her refugee policy she completely fucked up, yes she still won these elections (with Schulz), but a new party, the AfD (the media here say they are right wingers) got 12,6%, that's a revolution for Germany lol.
In the newest polls it even seems like the SPD is dropping more and more (because Schulz promised not to make a coalition with Merkel, but still did) and the AfD is getting more and more, so that they both have around 15% +-2%. Personally I hope, although I'm not German, that the AfD wins the next elections just to exit the goddamned EU and make new, modern politics.
You know it's like a dictatorship here, lol. An example: Merkel promised that she won't make a car poll, but now we have one. And still she gets elected.
And the media here, man I don't even to start talking about them...

Hope, that people will not vote same idiots next time for some presents like higher pensions... And our countries will grow... not as a United states of Europe... but sovereign independent countries...

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