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Steemit Edit: I've been playing with various STEEM related services lately like Zappl (you can see my first Zap here) and ChainBB where I introduced the cryptocurrency forum. It's fun to see so many cool projects showing up, just be careful where you use your keys.

I'm leaving for the airport soon for my trip to Steemfest. It's going to be a long day as I show up tomorrow morning. I'm excited and anxious. :)

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Wow, so many new blockchain services showing up in the decentralised world. They may be small today, but there is a real chance that users will. migrate away from big-brother ad-dominated mega-corporations.

I know somehow I am part of this great capitalist world because my pension plan probably owns funds which own Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter and so on. I don’t agree with it but I can’t tell them what to do.

When the dust settles, at least I’ll have my bitcoin.

hola amigo veo el precio del bitcoin y me pongo triste porque ayer cambie una pequeña cifra que manejo de bitcoin a dolar pensando que podía bajar hoy, se que meti la pata. jajaja. que tenga feliz viaje amigo @lukestokes.


¡Jaja! He perdido la cuenta de cuántas veces lo he hecho desde 2013. Todo está bien. ¡Gracias!

thanks for sharing @lukestokes
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What would bitcoin do?



touched $6400 as per coinmarketcap.

@lukestokes - I am yet to embrace crypto fully. Have a couple of toes in the water - hoping to find it warm and welcoming. LOL.
Will check out DMania. Recently started using and found it to be fast and useful.
Wish you a safe and comfy trip as well as a fantastic Steemfest2.


Thanks for being such a great witness. Good luck at Steemfest!

I wonder when the next accumulation time for bitcoin will be?

It can't continue to go up forever ... can it?


I read this in 2013 and still agree with it:

In other words, we ain't seen nothing yet.

Have a easy flight and lots of fun at Steemfest!

Hahaha! Love the post! I'm all in into cryptocurrency since a couple of years now. Well except some physical assets like a block apartment. I've duly accepted it.


@teamsteem, my interview with lukestokes will be played on the show today, come listen in if you are free at 4pm EST. :-)

Kool Stuff! Thanks @lukestokes

ha ha ha wonderful funny post...thanks for sharing

Just looking this up now with thanks to my brother. I love making memes and make them in my head all the time. lol. I will have to look into the dmania more. Thank you.

Enjoy the steamfest very much.

Thanks for sharing this information

I have sir, I have.

Hey there my fellow American! I just wanted to drop you a note. I saw a post from @twinner. Him Nanzo, Kevin Wong and yourself all having breakfast together. The look on your face is worth a thousand words. So intensely listening and involved in whatever discussion was being had. What a great representative from the USA you must have been. Americans like you make me proud to hold and travel with a US passport. I did my 500 follower milestone post with a shout out to you #1. If you want to check it out you know where to find it. As true as the grass is green and the sky is blue, I was ready to walk out on the platform all together. Thank you for making my efforts worthwhile here on steemit as a unique travel blogger. Means so much to me. Thank you brother! Hope you had a great time and got back safely from steemfest. I'll be in touch. -Dan


Thanks so much, Dan!

bitcoin is always wanted by many people in dmania

Hey luke! Are you on discord? Would like to have a private chat with ya. Thanks foe your soonest response! ;-).


Yes, I am. Leave me a message, and I'll get back to you when I'm able. :)

In to my personal wallet bro!

Woow. Amazing

Thanks friend

wow great!

Woowww better than

Hi @lukestokes I'am familiar with the question. Following you cheers :)