My Gift to Dmania ;)

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Good news

I have been asked to bring it back so here you go, my gift to Zombee and all dManics. The curation trail is back on for dMania. The trail will support only one post from your account every 24h, so make sure to have your meme as the first post :D

You can use the trail as you wish, invite your friends and grow it if you want. Post original memes or unoriginal memes. Good, bad. It doesn’t really matter as long as you can make a difference to the bot.
Also it's recommended to not post on dMania everyday because with the current algorithm if the same people vote for you everyday it will have less power on your meme.

How to join if you're a delegator:

  1. Resteem this post/Invite your delegator friends because the bigger the trail the more support for you
  2. Go to and click on Curation Trail
  3. Follow @lifeaef
  4. The higher your voting weight, the higher support you get. (100% voting power is recommended)

The curation trail will work automatically. Meanwhile, I will be moderating on You should join and post there when you’re not posting in dMania

Thank you so much to everyone who followed my trail previously



Now we don't have to make things difficult anymore. The trail is compliant with Zombee rules, this is how he wants it to be and we want to reward his great work

This post is not all sarcasm , you should join the trail if you’re already a delegator.

You should also support if enjoy original memes.

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i didn't mind dmania.. just use to memeit more, plus the template addition is perfect, if users don't want the hassle of uploading everytime they post.


true , it's easier to use memeit and it has less reposts and abuse

Thanks for this, but must it be a delegator that can benefit from this? @lifeaef


I don't really check if you follow the trail, the trail will follow you

good luck :))
i join your curation trail..