The aim is to incentivise honest curation in Dmania. This is not a meme contest but a curator contest. If you think you upvote funny & interesting memes in Dmania then you should participate.

Currently I’ll upvote 100% of my 1180 SP for the best curators' comment. Later there will be more curator contests with SBD prizes.


  1. Must be a Dmania supporter with at least 10 SP delegated. Must be an authorised supporter. Green colour here.
  2. Post the funniest meme that is not yours in the comment section to enter this contest. (Don’t forget to upvote that meme)

Happy Curation! 😄

I am a meme expert but new in this cryptoshit, can I participate with my account?

you need to be a delegator to dmania and you need to post a meme that is not yours

You got a 38.54% upvote from @emperorofnaps courtesy of @lifeaef!

Want to promote your posts too? Send 0.05+ SBD or STEEM to @emperorofnaps to receive a share of a full upvote every 2.4 hours...Then go relax and take a nap!

check this

Awww to bad I am a yellow well at least enjoy the meme

Thanks for recommending this meme it was upvoted. I would reward your comment but most of my SP is delegated.