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It's not over yet :)


Es ist ist niemals vorbei. Aber hoffentlich bald wieder etwas entspannter ;-)


Hehe genau, das hoffe ich auch :)

hihi, der ist gut. Genauso grün war meine Kawasaki damals auch. Genauso schön gift grün

Beautiful, have a nice day


Thank you. I wish you a great day too :-)

I can get around in that


Danke dir du alter Meme-Profi :-) Ich habe jetzt das erste Mal ein eigenes Photo verwendet ;-)


dein Auto? ;-)


Hahaha. Ein Fund Im VW Forum als ich mit den @hilarski´s unterwegs war. Lambo ist ja auch unter VW.

Alle haben mal klein angefangen.
Lamborghini hat mit der Herstellung von Traktoren begonnen!


Hihi. Stimmt :-)

Haha you nailed it my friend 😂

I remember I had a red one growing up, green has always been my favourite colour tho so would definitely had sticked to that one if I had a choice 😉

Oh well, a bobby car is better than nothing 😂

Skoda is almost as good as Lambo anyways bro :)

hahah it is more cooler than lambo lol :D

What a funny machine! I wonder, what size is it really?


This bobby car is for children who are minimum one year old :-) I owned one in red.


Oh, so you were a cool little boy!!!! Because this car is a dream)

Nice post

Really wonderful your car photography ..resteemit done dear..

great challenge! good meme work! have a nice day! thank you @lichtblick

.Upvot and resteem.

Very good i like it

Its so Nice i always wait for your post
Good work
Keep it up
i wish you all the best.

This is a wonderful nice day

nicht schlecht :)

your hardworking inspiring good work god bless you more

you habe done both meme and green challenge!

Very nice keep it up.

I enjoyed scrolling down and seeing each new part of your adventure...almost like I went on the walk with you! Keep up the great work! Beautiful photos

beautiful dear

Wow its really beautiful and amazing photography i like it.

best of luck dear @lichtblick

Wow! I would like such a car! Have a nice day!

ood post, I like your post ..

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lol haha. But this is much cheaper then a lambo :)

@lichtblick wow nice post