yeah indeed, that is just hilarious!

Hahaha, thanks :D

Lol that was hilarious . In crypto 1 day is like 1 month !!

This still has me laughing! Watching prices for days, lol :

wowwwww that's really funny!!!

haha lol funny

giphy-downsized (24).gif
Ha ha ha very funny man.

Lmao!! thanks man

Boy: But DAD the price of BTC is $1

Dad: Take it all!

'' a day later''

BTC - $20,000

Boy: Ey dad here have $1000, thanks for 1-BTC
Dad: ''CRINGE''

mom had bought some BTC at 2003
price back then $100 = 1-BTC
she bought 10

''YEAR 2020''

MOM: Hey son if you do your chores ill give you my very old account tht has, wht was it again ohh yeah it has 10-BTC tht is worth $1000

Boy : ''Seizures''

LMAO! hahah

Hahaha that's really funny!!!

day-trader dads ... gotta love 'm.

LOL great btc @jefft

Fabulous one and so funny....

thanks friend! xD

hahah this is hillarious

shock right now.. i support you man...👏✌✌

son could want to go moon but not to bitcoin!...lool


This still has me laughing! Watching prices for days, lol :)


hahahahahaha good brains

hahahh dad is in shock right now lol

Lolol the boy got trolled.
Dad rocked boy shocked ! Haahaha

Great.....i will always support you man!!!

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