My mother´s picture - waking up in heaven - My country Greenland 🇬🇱

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Dear Steemers! ❤️

My beautiful country! I want to show our beautiful country to day, and some powerful pictures of our nature. Those pictures are taken by my mother, she loves adventure and nature.

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Here is my dear mother - She´s name is Najatta

Our country - Greenland
Greenland is not so popular country as other big countries. I often been asked, when I say that I am from Greenland, if we live in a Igloo. It is a common question, and my answer is: NO! We live in a normal house, we have shops and we live just like other countries (but bit colder weather).


Sommer in Greenland
When it is sommer in Greenland, you can do many things! You can take a boat and just sail around in our beautiful nature. You also have opportunity to see icebergs, whales, big mountains etc.


When we sail in spring, you can see icebergs everywhere, and they are beautifulIMG_3650.jpg

Here is a small video my mother have filmed


wow, it looks so wonderful -- esp. the icebergs. I've never seen it before. They look amazing along with the sun and the sky!

Thank you so much @sujisyndrome
They are really amazing! 😄

What a amazing view, its will be great place for camping and spend the time with someone special

Exactly! There are also many opportunities for tourists, who want to experience Greenlands beautiful nature.

Thats sounds great my Dear.

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