What I'd like to say to 99% of the crypto analysts out there...

in dmania •  2 years ago 
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@dmania i am like to dmania and thanks for upvoting to @gobble.

wow great job dmania bot, hope to get you on my post one day !!!

True. The trick is to find the few genuine ones. There are a handful on here who say it as it is and that is not getting them the recognition. Over the next couple of months they will stand out.

Haha like that

too funny

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have posted a up vote, please do the same so that can post more valuable post.

Haha lol 😁

very good message as meme

I feel you bro, they be talking shite most times haha.

lol !! to all the crypto analysts out there :) , check it out

yeah, i like that :D