Simulation of a whale on Steem

in dmania •  2 years ago 
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Good bot.

They are not giving - they are keeping :>

Many are even earning more by selling there upvote. With all the negative ROI they are earning even more than they should.

ha ha ha sbd price dump now


yo quiero un poquito

This whale is long gone.

Nope there are some whales who still do this but there are hardly 35 whales on steem blockchain.

Hahaha share money

hahaha Give me little bit

lol... nice one..! :-)

Very funny.
I liked it.


Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

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Wao how much I laugh, it's very funny, I've laughed a lot. You are very creative when representing whales.ha ha ha.

are u dancing man

Ya but this distribution of money does not come free. It takes a lot of hardwork. It comes after months of upvotes you give him in hope of getting an upvote back.