My life is complete

in dmania •  2 years ago  (edited)
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Thank you!

Congrats! It's my first day here, it must feel pretty exciting to get upvoted!

Upvotes happen quite often. Upvotes by the founder of the platform, not so very often.

I thought I was the only one!

I hope everyone will experience this someday, it is truly awesome! I can die in peace now :)

Ha! I know how you feel...

hahaha many cogratulations for this big upvote and really a good meme and photo you enter in dmania @fitzgibbon

Don't tell anyone, but I'm kinda hoping for another big upvote, one from @dmania this time... If that happens, then today is my happiest day on Steemit so far. And that's saying something, because this platform has been amazing!!

how can you not be happy when your topics make 5 cents, while a single upvote can make you a dollar?

Congrats man, you deserve it. I love to see when someone's hard work pay off. I am hoping that one day I will see something like this. Again, congrats!

You got a 56.60% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @fitzgibbon!

Great job Fitzgibbon keep up the good work. Mania is great and you are a great part of the family congrats!

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Haha good job!

goals!! hahaa :)

Lol me when i get and upvote every 192729191 years

That's great

Nice, congrats!
That is an interesting question btw. Did he answer it as well?