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This is good:D

Gigi Kakek Jaman Now..haha


Hahaha ia kak 😂

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harus tapakek busoe beurani lang komen,sabat robot nyan busoe ngat itarek le busoe beurani u dalam komen ..nyan harus kupakek trik nyan sigo nye kupuek dmania :D


Hahaha meuhan hana cara min, emg lage nyan trik jih..


that paloe bot dmnia nyan kupugah,nacan taro ie lang badan ngat korslet hhha

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I'm laughing at this :D




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Nice 😂😂😂😂


Thanks 😂

Nice share Congratulations

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you create a interesting post.....i like it......i hope everybody like your post...thanks for shear it..

Harika :)

Bereh that lagoe .hahahhaha..perno lonhai


Jeut, pasti lon peurno bg 😄


Hahahha..hana horet tahubungi roneh.


Discord bg fahmidamti#1095


Hanpah lon kenan ret..habahhaha


Hahhaa ret abah payah tameurumpok bg 😂

lol, followed you.

That smile is so sexy!!

yeah...Steem up again

Kawan tolong upvote saya agar bisa seperti anda


Saya juga ya bg, jgn lupa di upvote, follow and resteem

Lmao, seen

Hahah, good 💡

Dear @fahmidamti,


Your meme was nominated in my last article "TOP 5 trending Memes on Dmania!"

Feel free to check your meme in the TOP 5:

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Hahaha malam nyoe beu itamong 🤣


Yes Start :)

lol so funny.


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