do you agree that higher education is beneficial for better living. 👌 Join me at the top!

in #dmania • 4 years ago (edited)

So funny. This is truly higher level of education. 😂 The only problem is I hope she didn't have a fall as she will fail heavily 😵🚶🚶...nice one. Upped

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It can be of help but not entirely the guarantee for better living.

I agree. Tks

😂😂😂. I can just imagine the impact on that girls ass of she hits the ground.

😂👌 but why is it that it's only her ass that troubles you 👆😋


I saw your good posting well.
I followed you.
I want to talk to you in the future.

Very very entertaining.
I cant stop laughing..

Anyone else who laughing while read this meme?

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