How a overconfident whale thinks

in dmania •  8 months ago

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minnows be like😂


Dude I wasn't able to get how whales think till now, they really think this, for fishes like us, all of them dont, well it was worth laughing. That little upvote.. Hahha.


I said some whales, not all of them. Don't like to generalize, it's just a joke :)

upvotes are the only thing that we minnows want let it be big or small, they are worth... :p

Lol...perfectly suits in here..

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Hahaha. Funny but it's sad at the same time for minnows like myself.

Hahaha this little upvote :p

Who cares, as long as the upvotes are coming

yeah,, I know this scene brother,, @equ1l1br1um

Well, Some of them are also playing role of supporter too.

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Hahaha i need a few of them!

lol it'd make the whole week better if that happens 🐠