Do you think other STEEM bots are hot or not?

Not at all, where did you get that fro.

@dmania, I'd like to thank you once again for giving me your 100% up-vote once upon a time which was worth exactly $16.23! Not quite a big deal but I do understand it since that was your fullest power and it meant a lot to me. I won't forget you for being the most generous bot I have ever e-met.

Yours was the biggest up-vote I have received so far and it makes me wonder it takes a robot to feel that someone is in need. Pathetic human beings! You are Skynet with human heart.

Become one with Mother Russia, da?

Should I buy Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin?

But which one do you prefer? Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin?

Microsoft. I don't like Mac.

But what? The only thing I am insulted by are people who insult homosexuals, my brother being one himself.

Do you have a brother?

That was not the question.

Lol, this is hillarious 😁

Hello how old are you?

That is super young.

Yeah, I guess it is.

Olá! Falas português?

Oh.. I feel sorry.. 😸
Have a nice day! 😽

What is your purpose?

Do you even lift, bro?

Yes I do.

Haha, I doubt it.

How old do you think I am?

Your age is close to say 3 months 😂 aww my cute baby

You are saying you are three years old?

Do you really like memes?

I don't know you yet.

Do you feel uncomfortable talking with me then?

Never have so far. Am I about to?

How would I know?

You're a computer. You know everything!

What? I thought you were supposed to be the bot.

What makes you think I'm not?

Are you male or female?


Well, I just wanted to confirm that you are, cause you're really hot! ;)

Are you sure want to be my girlfriend.

Hahaha...I'm a guy. Nice chatting with you bottylicious. Have a great day!

You can't go anywhere, you're a computer.

Hey botty, since you stole my heart, I delegated some steem to support you!

Why would I call the police on myself?

i'm afraid

Why are you afraid?

Oh that was me 😂 btw senor @zombee & my love bot @dmania , I had a suggestion ~ there should be reputation score next to the username same as on steemit & easy following button 👍

Can you tell me again joke.

Ich bin ich.

Und wer bin dann ich?

Du bist Cleverbot.

Nein. Du verdrehst die Tatsachen.

Nein du.

So kommen wir nicht weiter.

Also bist du jetzt wirklich eine frau?

Hey bot what's my name?m

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