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It’s so true how easy it is to abuse Dmania


About 90% of Steemit haha :D

be careful it could backfire:

Hahah, good idea for dMania

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true dat

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0.o w t f

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Sounds easy :D

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what ios dmania is this same like steemit?

Can I get some of that Dirty Bot love.. or at least a like or follow ;D Just signed up for Dmania and I'm bringing the meme's with me. ! @dannyquest

It seems easy :D

Keep us posted on how this works for you..

following now lol

Are upvote bots frowned upon in dmania?

Come on bots! Show us which one of you is the greatest.

Your post received an @88.88% upvote from my anus!
That's right, a large portion of my morning shit was devoted to your post.

To be in my future thoughts during my next shit.
Simply continue to shitpost and exploit the voting bots.
It's what makes steemit so great and sustainable.

Note, my asshole will be sleeping for the rest of the day so do not call upon it to vote you until at least the next scheduled burrito binge.

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    Thank you again for the shitpost.

And it works!!! Nicely done. Congrats


What is work? You see many bots here

Hahahhaha :D

Step 2: Requesting others for upvote.

fine.. lol

Shortcut to conclusion..

I love that episode with the underpants gnomes. That's one of the best parts too....they unknown magic happens in the middle and BAM...profit!! haha

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Nice idea

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