@chesatochi Miners are going through ups and downs. :P Mining is becoming difficult day by day as the mining difficulty is increasing. To be little bit technical, miners are struggling to find nonce value. :D

If someone wants to start mining, he/she should go for altcoin mining rather than bitcoin. Most of the altcoins are still serving profitable mining and network difficulty is also under the hood. I am using my smart phone to mine electroneum. Though the mining power and output is less, future value of the same number of coins will be more.

I am finding some more ways to mine other altcoins from smart phone or laptop.

I hope you have a nice income with Electroneum.

Currently mining around 10 etn per day with 1 phone. Thinking to mine from one more mobile. Even though etn price is low, I am looking at long term goals.

seriously its true :O :O wow somebody rich from crypto and somebody lose a lot money :) thats really time and luck game in crypto :) but its picture really true

Well the biggest difference is that the old miner work for a pay and the current miner work for his own riches.

Real change is that now miners work for his own wealth as opposed as before that they worked for the mine owner wealth and you are just a salary slave.

Like the Spanish empire did in Potosi in Bolivia!

I prefer the new version of mining. ;)

This is called Evolution Of Mining.

Its time to do it the crypto way, no need for getting all dirty underground!

Eventually, the machines will do the work!

LOL #truestory
Hard day work at the mine.

What do you mean by Taram-pam-pam?