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Heyyyy I just recently got involved with BitConnect and its really allowing me to go out, party, and live how I want to - I am giving back full ref-back + 1% as greeting bonus, so you can receive not 5%, but 6% of your investment

Sponsor name: monerolisk

If you already created an account without sponsor, you can choose us as your upliner. Go to "Management Tools" > "Profile" > "Edit Sponsor" and type in : monerolisk

If you lend: $100 get $6
If you lend: $1,000 get $60
If you lend: $10,000 get $600
If you lend: $100,000 get $6,000

I did ten thousand on Nov 4 and Ive got about $4K back in interest already for doing nothing....and then after 120 days they will give me the original $10,000 back----taking advantage of the rise of cryptocurrency :)

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