Me lol

your drawing companion is nice interesting and interested. please vote yes

Nothing worst than dmania upvoting unfunny normies tier memes reeeeeee

It's really starting to get ridiculous, when you have like 75% of the @dmania bot picks going to the same group of people which are using multiple accounts and fake accounts so that they can upvote their own posts multiple times and also circumvent the one bot pick per day rules. They're greedy leeches who are spamming random images, 2 or 3-word comments, and even posting the same memes that got picked earlier in the same day. It's disgusting, and I really hope that it's ended quickly.

There's a few of us who have already been reporting them to the appropriate people who will hopefully be able to shut them down for spamming and reward pool raping using fake accounts.

You are right about that.
It just bothers me that the only way to get to the top is with bots. I know you made it yourself, thumbs up for that.

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Look at the number of voting bots you used as well hahaha. Maybe they'll change it to manual curation next time if this goes on..

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It's funny cuz you like did the same...

No, I actually my make my own memes, I paid for bidding bots, and I can only be picked once a day by dMania Bot.

The others are getting picked multiple times a day (15 of the last 20 picks past time I checked), using 50-100 fake spammer accounts and automated scripts to upvote and leave the same comments over and over, almost always they're just downloading a random GIF that they found on the web and not modifying it in any way whatsoever.

There's a huge difference really. Especially when just about everyone uses bid bots at this point. I'm all for bid bots being banned entirely to be honest, but as long as so many other people are using them, it is the only way to get any visibility as a minnow.

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