First Dlux-Coin Steem Monster Tournament!

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We Are Proud To Announce The First Custom Dlux Coin Steem Monster Tournament!

  • Everyone is welcome! We are excited to host the FIRST game tournament ever to reward the winner with dlux coins! This will be a great way to become a stakeholder in dlux coins for free! So grab your deck and count your cards. Here's how it will work:

How To Enter:

  • First Comment down below: "Entered: [yourname]".
    Then go to - - > The tournament will be hosted in real time from the discord server: So you MUST be there at the start time of the tournament or you LOSE. Period.

Date Of The Tournament

  • March. 1st. 10 PM UTC. {2 PM PACIFIC}


  • Winner Takes All! 10k Dlux Coins!
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entered bubke, this week auto tournaments will be launched, you will not need to host from discord

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Really?! What phenomenal timing! I have my nose to the grindstone So I missed that announcement. Thanks!

This Tournament Will Have No Level Cap. :)

Entered: @qwoyn

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