DLiveRewards Road Map | Our Goals.

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Hello DLivers!


The DLiveRewards Team wants to be as sincere and transparent as we move forward to the point we would like to be at. This will be a long process and we will appreciate any kind of support along the way. For this reason, we are sharing with you our DLiveRewards Roadmap with our goals, that may seem optimistic at first but we think are more than achievable. If you would like to contact us join our Discord server below. Since we would love to answer any questions that you guys might have in regards to our goals, tomorrow we will be announcing a Q&A Livestream that @samsiedenstrang and @akamtn will be hosting on the @dliverewards profile.
-The DLiveRewards Team.

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Great work @dliverewards! The initiative deserves support and I have decided to award this effort a 500 SP Delegation until March 31st. Let us hope to see more join in and help out with what they can! Good Luck to you all! :)

Thanks a lot for the support @mehdibca! We will announce our Q&A stream tomorrow! Hope to see you there :) We will happily answer any of your questions <3

What time will it be held? CET

Around 12-1 AM CET. We still have to set the day. It will be this week for sure.

That is great I'll keep an eye out for the announcement on Discord! It will be a good opportunity for the community to get to know the people behind the scenes! Can't wait! :)

very cool! upvoted and resteemed <3
also discordededed =D

Thank you and welcome to the DLiveRewards community!

Appreciate the update. Im currently streaming on Twitch so Im real excited about the future of dLive!

We will be waiting for you on the other side!

Yea as soon as i get another laptop im there...gotta get my obs going still learning it

Does this mean rewards are going to be more spread out rather than going to the same handful of people most the time?

They will not go to the same people. We appreciate persistance and effort. But yes, this is our ultimate goal. We want everyone to have a piece of the cake, and eventually the cake will get really big. :)

You should really get over it. Our team requieres professionality and when it comes to talking to our followers we don't want someone to disrespect them. If you can not understand that maybe you can get the answer as to why we don't want you by yourself. You can downvote our posts all you want but this will not stop us.

Good work, I like the reoccurring color scheme and theme on the graphics.

We try to keep it as clean as possible! Thank you for the feedback :)

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