Dlive Chat Reader 1.25 - New animated bar with Upvoters!

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New version of Dlive Chat reader


Version 1.25 - Chat window, GIF & MP3 Upvote notifications and links for OBS!

  • Added new OBS link for animated, auto-scrolled bar full of Upvoters and given Steam Dollars.
  • Upvote animation is now longer (15 s).
  • Script remembers now recently used language and custom upvote text.
  • Added possibility to test upvote animation in OBS.
  • All options can now be set on the main page.
  • You can add now the custom text to upvote notification animation.
  • Repaired bug with a double voice in OBS. Now the links to the chat window and notifications are silent so that you can get sound from the browser and manage it.
  • Added upvote notification only mode, for Streamers who only want notifications, without reading a chat aloud.

My video is at DLive


Love the chat TTS! :) any way it could only read the chat and not the upvotes?


Added it today.

v1.27 Added "chat reading only mode" - TTS chat without upvote notifications.

Awesome! :D thank you for the quick reply and fix. I appreciate it!

Keep up the good work!

PS. noticed today after using it that it would stop reading the messages and also not display them sometimes until I refresh the page. Any idea what that could be? :)


Yes, it is probably problem with new browsers, they detect now infinite loops. I get done some improvements like random milliseconds to prevent this, we will see. It is continuous battle :)


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