Monster News at 10 Episode 10

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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I'm Monster Bob. Welcome to Monster Network News at 10.

Welcome to episode 10! Data used was taken today at 6 pm and range is 24 hours ending at 6pm yesterday.

Let's see what was happening in the last 24 hours.

Quick graphs

Total number of posts: 422
Total value voted: 2050.921
Total number of votes: 4189

game related posts: 389
learning related posts: 11
lifestyle related posts: 15
music related posts: 7

Top 5 games played in the last 24 hours were:
Fortnite, LOL, PUBG, Dota2 and Rules of Survival.

There were less streams. Why did the numbers drop? Did something happen? Easter? What do you guys think?

Top 5 users by value are:
1. 129.761 @acidyo
2. 60.772 @ubay0077
3. 53.762 @strawhat
4. 38.518 @kommienezuspadt
5. 35.346 @papanero

Top 5 users by number of votes are:
1. 293 @acidyo
2. 82 @tuck-fheman
3. 68 @naruitchi
4. 66 @alucare
5. 66 @muhammadsabil
Top value by category:
@acidyo 129.761 game
@johnspalding 10.726 learning
@ericwilson 11.072 lifestyle
@threebagsfull 12.058 music

Top votes by category:
@acidyo 293 game
@jumowa 31 learning
@mro 19 lifestyle
@swelker101 39 music

Last few days and next two weeks

You have noticed that only first few episodes were published between 10 pm and 11 pm gmt+2 and that the rest were published the day after or/and a bit later (like today). The main reason for that was my sickness. I got the flu and was not feeling too good. Today I had to take care of lab results and tests and other things related to my surgery on April 20th. I'm feeling better and the flu is almost gone. I can say that finally I see the end and I can't wait to get that over with. I just want to start my recovery (which should be quick) and taste nice food. :)

I also have a job interview tomorrow and hopefully I will land that job. I would love to start working in May. Things are in motion. I'm happy! :)

Episode 11 will be out tonight (in just few hours). Take care!
Keep on streeming!

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All the best Zneeke with all things surgical and job related :) keep up the great work with the dlive stats, it's a great breakdown on the goings on around dlive.

Doing my best :D

i followed you, and upvoted your post, also i reblog your post!
hope you upvote my posts,

Thank you for the follow.
You shouldn't follow people just for the sake of follow and beg to be followed back.
It's not how steemit works.

4eme for number of vote ^^good Kappa

I don't understand.
Can you explain?


Oh! That!
Yeah you got to top 5 man :D
Congrats! :)