How to fix "failed to connect" at Dlive.

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I guess you got "failed to connect" if you read this, here is how to solve it.

That is because Dlive is not a twitch.

Click "go live"
In the window you will see:

  • server url
  • stream name/key
  • username
  • password
    You have to copy all that into your obs

You also have to create title, description, chose category, chose language and upload thumbnail image.
After all that click next button at bottom right corner. After that you need to click "post".
In the new window press "start" and only after that you can start stream in obs.

When you are done click "end", and don't forget to stop stream at obs too!

Every new stream the: "password", "server url" and "stream name/key" changes, so each time you start new stream you have to change those in obs.

The delay is one minute, guess it depends where you live but that is a lot for live streaming.

Also the preview may not have music. You need to open a few windows of your stream or try another device, your stream got sound but its just Dlive bug that you can't hear it yourself.
But if you don't see how sound bar at obs moves then you really don't have sound.

Lastly at first stream you will be upvoted for 40$ by bots.

I don't know about copyright stuff at Dlive, can you stream copyrighted content or not?

"Update information" feature doesn't work. And "settings" are not saved.


Yeah wanted to double check the info I had this helped. Problem for me with Dlive was extremely laggy, didn't start again after posing the stream and we can't save any info inputted in the last live stream. It still has a ways to go. I do know it's in its early stages and so might try again later

Thanks for the help, this needs more upvotes!

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