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i bought books and comics this time

hi howdy

yee the currency

fine ty

tomorrow i'm going to do cross-linking wich is "riboflavin (vitamin B2) and UV-A light is a surgical treatment for corneal ectasia such as keratoconus" sauce wikipedia

surgical treatment for eye xD

noo it's not painful, i've done the other eye before :D

but i shouldn't use pc for some time :/

yes i shouldn't but last time i tryed and kinda failed tbh

yees failed, to resist to use displays xD i resisted like 1 day

steem falling 🙁

no i don't even know how long i should ask doctors

how's match going?

wew much infos

do you have any skins in this game?

you can join in title u meant that viewers can join dota2 match with u?

even if one has no idea how to play this game?

and would break all the matches you play with him?

i see

gg cya later!