i used to play both

hi! fine ty & u?

wow it's 2,47€ on origin , i wonder if it works good with wine and my pc :/

how battlefield bacame bad?

i used to play 3 xD

lol what you did on forum?

what should i search?

oh ok found

minecraft works on linux too

yee my comments have no sense xD

oh i've read the reply, i thought google yourself like searching on google "zeronumbers" or "delgro95" xD

is it possible to do fully automated farm in vanilla minecraft

what about full automated luxury gay space communism?? xD Kappa

are there lot of people playin multiplayer?

noo, i played most of the time with Mineclone 2 subgame

in minecraft i never did a world like yours , i mean that huge with all the stuff of the game xD i did little small houses or other easy stuff like that, i'm noob xd

also i used to play online in servers with factions and used to get rekted all the time

yee spas 12

i vote for italian weapons only xD

i don't know too wich are italians tbh lol

no, ty i duckduckgo Kappa

yees you're online but ripped for some time, but don't know if it was me

what is your favorit weapon?

is there dragunov?

wher is your teammates?

i go watch some episod of stattrak, cyaa