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I agree, you really need to do things for other people(read me) :D
Other than that, this was a lovely watch as always, never heard of @basicstoliving but I will definitely give them a look. Unfortunately they didn't pick what would have been my fave logo :D


That is why every logo is different and made for that person. LOL. Have a great day!


hehehe...I saw that coming ;) Great day too xo

Thanks for doing my logo and the shoutout! I will be getting my new logo up on Steemit soon. I liked that I had options and not just here is your logo. Enjoy your day off!

If you would like to know more about the GHS Collective, here is something for you.

Global Homestead Collective Come join us on discord!

Sorry, It is a shameless plug for the community!


No shameless plug has a logo I designed in it haha!

Yeah I understand you very well when you said "you have to be in mood for it" - that's true! Nice video man!