Priscilla Hernandez singing original songs live from the studio

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My name is Priscilla Hernandez, singer and composer from Spain. I am singing some of my original songs LIVE from the studio right now. Come and join me!

EDIT: the broadcast already finished but please follow so you don't miss next time I go online, I'm going to repeat the experience on DLive very soon. I had a great time!.
Below some stills taken during the broadcast so you can make an idea :) Stay tuned for more!

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator


your voice is very beautiful Use DSound to do nice work there

Thank you, I have barely landed on the Steem community but sure I need to check it.

yeah, didn't mention to you yet.. not to overwhelm you even more... lol

it's similar to soundcloud, except on the STEEM blockchain, also very cool! :)

sounds great Priscilla, you're a terrific live performer as well! can really feel the passion in your voice when you "get lost" in your music. :)

Thanks for your encouragement :)... Music has a healing quality in the spirit, It is indeed a passion :) thanks

Yeah an Irish whistle :)

I love my Viper (it´s a low D Irish Whistle) a good companion in forest adventures too :) thanks for joining :)

I'm really happy to watch this stream and I will definetely follow you.

Thank you very much for the welcome, and I'm honored :). I will repeat for sure :)

ahhhhhh I enjoyed it a lot !!!! I think I have managed to get good quality sound and all the settings correctly! Please forgive me about forgetting to unmute the mic at the beginning for a bit hahaha.. It won't happen again.. Don't fire me :) :) :) It was great! Do more!

Thanks for all the help setting up, It would not have been possible without you. When are you going to dare yourself? Now I'm a step forward, I challenge you hahaha ! :)

Aahh that foice!! Upvoted and following you 😉

Thank you so much, it was our first on dlive after just a test and I am new on steem so really encouraged by everyone's warmth.

clap clap clap

Ahhh that's better I had to change to a different laptop

I like for you music

Thank you ❤️🎶

please put all this on DLive

Hello there, everything looks fine here.

I'm getting goosebumps!


Wow you are amazing

Thanks for the compliment, It was really sweet to feel the welcome :)

please please put this on DLive!

Awesome voice

watching Barca play Valencia :)

So beautiful, I opened the stream and went to do something else, when you started singing I was like...wait what? :O haha

Aw as I said I'm really happy it caught your attention.

Welcome Back :)

Don't be nervous. You sound fantastic!

Thanks for joining and for the encouraging word :)

Greetings from germany

Recien me doy cuenta que eres de España :D jaja, que mal de mi parte, saludos desde Argentina :)

Nací en las Islas Canarias, :) Ahora vivo en el Norte de España. Saludos desde el otro lado del charco :)

we want it all :)

realy awesome

accent is lovely

Yes a. Like song

Necesito tener todas estas canciones O.O

I want more Irish whistle :)

Do you play the Hurdy-Gurdy? :P speaking of weird instruments

don't forget to DLive it

I have a locally recorded file, might do, do not want to rewatch though or I might change my mind. Lol

I meant to say DTube it. Please do post it as I dropped your introduceme post in discord and there was great interest from everyone.

you are very hard on yourself, you are so danm good

I'll stay tuned for another live! :D

bye and thank you

👏🕯️👏 great performance @yidneth, really enjoyed it! 🙂

Thank you and for all the encouragement since I joined 🎶

Your voice, i can't imagine it ✊🏻

Thank you, I really hope you had a good time.

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That is encouraging, thanks 🎶

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