sometimes three minutes is very long

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I was so busy finding coral pieces that I had lost sight of my two buddies. Suddenly they were gone.
What do you do in such a situation?
Well we were at 10 mter depth, so first a little higher, maybe I'll see them then or maybe I'll see rising bubbles.
Unfortunately not, so show up.
Although only at a depth of 10 meters, I had to hold out for 3 minutes at 5 meters. We have been in the water for a while, it is also the third dive today, the body is full of nitrogen, so better to make a safety stop to get rid of at least a part of the nitrogen.
These three minutes alone can be very long. You know where you are, but you still don't feel comfortable. Besides, it's embarrassing to have to lose the others.
Sometime after hours, these three minutes ended. Coming up, people on the boat asked if and where they see bubbles and back down again.

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