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Hello DLivers,

As of 10:15 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (6:15 a.m. Central European Time) the DLive upvoting management tool was compromised and upvotes were given to various posts on Steemit without our acknowledgement. We have since then fixed the problem and all of the upvotes have been reversed. We have taken extra measures to make sure our tool is secure and that something like this will not happen again.

Unfortunately our voting power has been drained and we estimate it will take at least 5 days before it is fully restored. In the interim we are looking for alternative methods to reward our live streamers and video content authors during this period.

To clarify once again, no accounts were compromised, this problem was a result of the upvoting management tool being compromised.

Thank you to everyone in our community who reported this issue in a timely fashion. The DLive Team greatly appreciates each and every one of you. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


So basically your account where @ned delegated 2m got hacked?

Or someone working for dlive lost it after having a bad day?

Why would the key holding 2M SP need to be shared within all staff? Unless it's the boss of DLive who was having a bad day, it doesn't make much sense.

@heimindanger - It was the upvoting system that was compromised.
Neither, DLive account or http://DLive.io weren't hacked.

I wonder how was that possible. The blog doesn't say much about that.
It is a security issue, and if your upvoting system can be compromised then other systems are in danger as well. I'm not judging, it's just basic IT security problem and I wonder how you plan to solve it.
@heimindanger the posting key is enough to give upvotes, which is the lowest rank but still, it is their responsibility to keep it safe.

So they change the exact moment their upvoting system, when they also change their keys?

It can be just prevention.

Congrats, you made the @dtube #steemitminute for today!

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I'm supporting you too, so I'll trigger Dlive :)

Wham! Waking up to such a news must hurt. Yet the most important point is that you were able to quickly identify and fix the cause of the problem.

Also thanks for being so transparent, Kent @wa7 and for immediately getting in contact with the community! Great move!!

Now don't worry about us - really! We're loyal and patient - best premises for a long lasting DLive experience :-) What are five days in a blockchain history? Not much...

Cheer up and happy weekend for the whole DLive crew! 💜

EDIT: Please ignore all the negative voices in this comment section. Their envy is not your problem :-)

Wow, i see a lot of flaming about this subject. Let me tell you something about the dlive and other platforms;

If this could happen to "dept" based platform then yes most of the people would go insane and would have right to complaint like crazy.

For example;

Utopian review the contributions and giving a promise that they will upvote if the submitted post got approved by moderator/supervisor. This kind of system, bringing liability and creating dept to your users. Under this circumstance you would feel shame and sadness because you does not even able to give any kind of upvote untill 7 days had passed.

What dlive doing ?

Dlive simply running its platform based on manual curation. No promises, no liability. Only the minus is in here dlive might lost its user for a temporarily time. Votes can be unvoted, condolences can be given, problems can be fixed and thats it. We might not like "persons" in it, we might not like their mentality of ruling in organisation but that does not mean we just wipe out every useful platform exist in steemit just because some low danger mistake happened.

My condolences @dlive. @wa7. I hope you learn "what must not be".

Nothing will stop dlive ! Dlive is the best platform on steemit ever exist. This kind of actions will never damage dlive! I am proud of being a part of it. As @datilla said YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE DLIVE !

I agree with you @ulkembetil. Love dlive. Together we strong.

And now it's basically dead.

DLive isn’t just about the software; it’s about the community. @wa7, your team is the best on Steem. Thanks for this quick statement, and all the work you guys do.

I’m happy you figured out this hiccup, and to all those saying negative things about DLive, make a post, go live, or interact on DLive’s Discord server. You will see that DLive supports plankton and minnow steemians more than any other network. Keep doing what you are doing @wa7 @redjepi @jimmylin and the whole team at @dlive.

You have made my life better. And you are making the world a better place. Thanks. 🙏

You will see that DLive supports plankton and minnow steemians more than any other network

I WISH all the other big mouthed projects followed in dlive's footsteps. Rock on @wa7 🙌

Glad the situation was sorted out @dlive! I'll continue to Dlive everyday as I love streaming and supporting the community :)

Yes! You got that right @crypto-moon, we are a community and nothing will stop Dlive!

Think of this as a minor setback and a chance to rethink how you manage @dlivestarbooster. Do you know who is behind the "attack"? Looking through the votes they seem very random and I can't pinpoint to a single person that might be behind this.

Now you have an opportunity to sift out the people who really enjoy streaming vs those who are just here for the votes as I suspect that many will get demotivated by this fact and take a break until you recharge.

As for the voting solution I suggest you delegate the 22k sp you have to @dlivestarbooster and throw a couple of upvotes from there + you could use @tipu and tip away the SBD you have. And when you recharge you could keep using @dlivestarbooster do upvote selected contributors (as the 22k doesn't make that much of a difference when you got 2M so you won't miss it but it makes a big difference when you have 1k)

I never doubt about the lack of managerial skills in Dlive , first dlive booster account then comment upvote for server costs and now account is compromised , the fun fact is How come Dlive still facing these kind of problems when you guys spending 4-5 percent of your Steemitinc delegation to your moderators and staff and rewarding their streams without webcam in every 10 hours ?

We're always here. We're always dlive, and we support them. We're behind the Dlive family on a good day and a bad day. We will continue to make live broadcasts and entertain , as always, for broadcasters. F O R E V E R D L İ V E !!!!!!!

Together we can.

We're a big family. This platform has always helped us. Thanks to this platform, I have made new friends and new dudes. @dlive was the one who helped us all the time. Now it's our turn to help, folks. I love you all. @dlive love ❤️

I will keep streaming no matter what. Do not worry about this, you’ll never walk alone @dlive. I am very happy to be part of DLive community

dLive is the best platform there. Everyone is giving the value they deserve. Those who make bad comments only think of their own interests.

#TeamDLive I am so sorry and angry at what happened! However, DLive is not about just getting your reward as a lotof other communities. We support each other and love being the DLive community. Strength is in our numbers. #TeamDLive One Love!


We are big family. . Thanks to this platform, I have made new friends. Dlive is the one who always helps us all the time.
We were behind the Dlive family on a good day and a bad day. We will continue to make live and entertaining broadcasts, as usual. live dlive !!!

Thank you for updating us all! This seems like no biggie to me, as I said in my grateful vibes vlog yesterday the community and the team is what makes DLive different and absolutely awesome.
This little setback will be over in no time and the DLive supporters will still be here ♡
I'm sticking with DLive!
I'm sorry for the stress that the team may be experiencing over this. I'm sure I speak for many when I say, anything we in the community can do to help just let us know.
Much love,

Thanks for the info, Smart Media Tokens can't come out soon enough. Thanks for all the legit upvotes you have provided the community.

The thing I most appreciate about Dlive is the transparency of th company. They are always uprfront and open about their model and how they are approaching their community. DLIve we appreciate all you do for this community and the updates we receive regularly. This only a minor set back so let’s keeps moving forward!

Dont matter upvote for me. if u need anything im ready for support. Respect steemit, respect dlive. Love all

Sorry to hear what happened, there is no doubt that everything is gonna be alright. I am happy to be part of DLive :)

Thank you @wa7 for this information and sorry that @dlive is experiencing this problem so much that everything is fine

Thank you for the update and quick response. Love your team and all the hard work you all do. Still support dlive and what it is all about! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I'll keep streaming every day no mater what :D

Dlive platform has always rewarded its users by acting fairly. We stand here as a team. We do not intend to leave the Dlive platform alone. Thanks for everything

We're with you Dlive and continue to support you...

Dlive are most wanted

this kind of things may happen to dLive.
Thank you for the announcement.

Wow, well done for dealing with this situation so quickly and looking into ways to still reward us Dlivers! You guys rock!

Thanks for the heads up!
Some of Turkish streamers and video content authors are not good at understanding English that's why I ve just translated to Turkish.@wa7

I feel very happy to get your support thanks for dlive

Why do people have to be complete idiots , have they nothing better to do , I hope all is well @Dlive and good luck !

Hello @wa7

You are one of the few Steemians I admire a lot. And your project is a very impacting one.

I will suggest a model is work out for upvoting good contents. Moderators can be appointed to recommend contents to be upvoted by Dlive, more especially from those spendi5huge amount of more to bring visibility to steem. And also those running benefitial online lectures. These group need the support of Dlive.

Thanks for the update.

@eurogee of @euronation community

Unfortunate, but it's nothing that can't be fixed with time. It's all good :D

in @dlive I find new friends from the world and greet each other know, I am sad for this incident made us more love to @dlive. all the best for @dlive. thanks for @dlive

love dlive.jpg

Is it another network?

Dlive voting system in this morning:


Actually sorry to hear what happened but you know; “Storms make oaks take deeper roots.”

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upmyvote payout in the amount of $5.84 USD.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform.

Please consider the long term effect on our platform before using bidbots!

You can read more about how bidbots are affecting our platform here.

This comment is by no means a judgement of your work @wa7, only an earnest appeal that we might all work together to build a great platform by letting the community curate our work and not bidbots.

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It's ok. No problem @dlive

Thanks for letting everyone know. As an alternative reward system you could offer free back massages.

We are always behind dlive.On good day, we will continue to support dlive on bad day.

True. over the world too too many people will tell the badge of the body of the body of the foolish of the fool. at the sici dont think thinking.

Out of curiosity, can the same thing happen to other voting accounts?

Wow, can't believe that happened. Anyway, lesson learned!

We'll survive for this 5 days :)


Very interesting..!! Thank you

we will stick with Dlive. whether it is a good situation and a bad situation. we will survive because we are a big family. hopefully we become stronger with this incident.

Hi @wa7! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @doctorspence!

To clarify once again, no accounts were compromised, this problem was a result of the voting system being compromised.

Then explain, why the upvotes immediately stopped, once you changed the key?
If it was just a coincidence, that you changed your compromised voting system the exact same moment your key was exchanged?

Because all voting systems rely on the posting keys. To immediately stop this attack you update your master password and it resets the old keys so anyone using the compromised system have useless control until you can regain control of that system.

I was just astounished, that after 5 minutes of changing the masterkey, unvoting started..as if there would be a ready script for this;)

@isnochys, I wish it was a script. We actually had to go through all the votes manually and reverse the damage, and then check it 3-4 times to make sure I didn't miss anything. Thank you for the compliment though, our team works just as fast as a script :)

I hope now you have a script:)
For the next time it happens ;)
Ops is always the last one to receive anything

Thank @dlive. Wish @dlive recover soon.

I scared to get illegal upvote for losing my account. some videos on youtube warn that thirt party website can caused harm on our steemit account. Can you clarify its true or false?

Glad it's been rectified. Never sleep on security, people!

Thanks again for the prompt action :) Amazed at how you guys are able to put in the fixes to prevent occurrence of such in the future.

Keep up the good work guys!

Thanks for the heads up!

So sorry to hear this has happened to you guys

Having your support, I thought the fortune gave way to it but it was no more than a dream to thank you @dlive

I was wondering why you were voting on some terribly low quality content. Well done for getting the situation fixed.

sucks that happened! I have been waiting for an upvote from @Dlive too. If there is anything you need ill help if i can!

I found out very late of the announcement @wa7

hi friend.. follback ya :)

we are always here to support @dlive

Holy cow there are some SALTY people out there! If you are ragging on DLive for this STFU because it could have happen to ANY one of us. Take a damn chill pill ladies and gents it will be ok. DLive keep up the great work you are doing an amazing job!

Hope you have a fix

Hmmm I thought Dlive is on manual vote, looking for great contents. Was it set on auto upvote and that platform was compromised?

a very useful post, hopefully continue to work in making the article

I want to be a good member of this steem very soon and want to earn a lot of dollars. Please give me directions. Of course you need my help @usphup2

We are always with you @dlive

The amount of love DLive is getting is incredible, I love the community we have all built and we hope we never run into situations like this ever again.


I would like to thank all our users who proved that they love this platform.
Seeing many active live streams on DLive without expecting to be rewarded is priceless.
No matter that we delivered 5581 upvotes just in March, this is a proof that we also delivered love and established a real friendship with the community.
Thank you all!

Thank you for bringing us another fun way to interact with the steem blockchain. Your hard work and effort is highy appreciated and I seriously don't get the trolls attacking you for this. I mean, like they never made a mistake in their life.Cmmon, shit can happen to anyone. No need to get so buthurt about it. You learned something from it and I know it will never happen again.

Dlive is the best platform on steemit ever exist. And you have very good Dlive team to make platform this good.
Dlive_Transitions_3-min (1).gif

No matter what the struggle is We are here and will be here . Thanks to all dlive team for their hardwork.

We know what the Dlive community is doing. Everyone will understand that someday. You never have to worry about this.

I trust you
I am completely convinced that you have done your job right

There was a good and big community behind DLive team. They trust and support you guys. #TR community ready for any kind of help.

We have faith in you and your team.
You are doing the right things.
We are always with you as a Turkish community

Thank you so much for the effort you put in<3

Again, Thank you to every one on DLive's Discord server who reported this to us. We can not express our gratitude enough towards the DLive community.

We can not express our gratitude enough towards the Dlive team !

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