The First Ever, DLive Meetup in NYC, May 18th 2018

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Hi, DLivers / Steemians,

Over the past 6 months, I have been focused on building DLive with the Community. I haven't had a chance to host an official meet up to meet all DLive fans in persons. Since it is Blockchain Week in New York City and I will be attending the Crypto Influence VIP Summit, this would be the perfect opportunity to host our First Official DLive Meetup. I can't wait to meet everyone at either the Crypto Influence VIP Summit or at the DLive Meetup.


DLive Meetup Details


The meet up will take place in New York City on Friday, May 18, 2018. This meetup is RSVP only, to sign up the event please fill out the RSVP form below by 11:59 PM EDT on Thursday, May 17, 2018. Any information gathered from the form is for RSVP purposes only.

We are looking for Steemit community influencers, DLive users and blockchain friends who are hanging out in the Big Apple that week.

Venue: Flatiron Hall in New York City
Address: 38 W 26th St, New York, NY 10010 (between 26th St and 6th Ave)
Start Time: 7:00pm EDT



Crypto Influence VIP Summit

I will go to the Summit to support our friends from as a VIP guest.
The Crypto Influence VIP Summit will take place from 5:00pm - 10:00pm EDT on Thursday, May 17, 2018 in New York City. For more information on this event, click on the link below.

Crypto Influence VIP Summit


nice i may show up

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👍🏻 I wish... Best of luck it looks awesome! ❤️🍎

Wish I wasn't living on the other side of the planet, lol. Any plans for a Europe based meetup?

Here, one more in for a europe meetup!

dobrze że wogóle się urodziłeś, dobrze że nie urodziłeś się w polsce, szanuj to bo jakbyś urodził się w afryce to wtedy byś narzekał, podrośniesz i będziesz miał wybór gdzie jechać gdzie zamieszkać gdzie założyć rodzinę może to będzie po drugiej stronie ziemi kto to wie zależy tylko od ciebie i nie mów że ci źle bo inni mają gorzej szanuj to swoje życie pozdrawiam

I'll be there! Cant wait to be apart of DLive's First Official Meetup! @wa7

Cool Shit! But im living in Estonia ):

I am so sad that I can't make it since I am from EU. Please make meetup in EU in near future! have fun in NYC

Good ,,, after reading the post from you I started to like DLive ,, and will try it ,,, hopefully dLive more fun ...!

pls make a meatup in europe too !
I would suggest Germany

I like to see your post & thanks a lot to share this content with us.

I would love to join, Definitely next time :)

Thank you so much for giving us Dlive and I want to be part of Dlive community!

all the best sir,, i want to go with you....

I haven't left my house in while to do anything to gratify myself. This looks like a fun time.

Hi wa7....

Are you really the founder of Dlive or just saying that?

My heart is with you all @wa7 although I can't go and meet fabulous people around the world. #longlivedlive

all the best keep yourself engaged and stay united

Hello to all steemit family 🌍😀

Sounds like a great time!

@chansetheguy You should come thru brother if you can! :)

Great stuff kent! I wish I could make it

Snif It is a bit far for me or I'd sing a tune lol. Sounds super fun. Enjoy

oh man, if it was only near the end of that month i might have actually been there! dayum! maybe next time! :)

@teamhumble you know you wanna come thru! ;) See you next time man, unless plans change and you can make it! lol

doubt it's gonna change, probably end of the may or into june depends on the flights prices tbh.

Hopefully we get to see the meeting live!

So great dlive.

Too bad that I'm from Europe region xD I will be happy to be at event like this :D

Wish I can go!! I hope the next meet-up in Boston !!

Letsssss gooooooo :D

@jaysermendez YES SIR!!!!!!!!! You already know! :) lol

great program. if I lived in NYC I would join.
I hope this first Meetup works and hopefully with this, DLive is growing.

Wow congrats :)

Looks like I'll have to make my way down from Canada on the 18th!

OHHHHHH YEA!!!!! #OfficialDliveMeet

I am happy to see the meetup and would love to go! As is, I am moving may 15th and have a baby coming shortly afterwards while living in Florida :smiley: I will resteem this post soon!

I really wish I could make it :( I can't wait to see the livestreams from there!

Congrats @ DLive ~~~ really want to come but seem not enough days to apply Travel Visa, anyway wish all the best on the 1st meetup event and hope the next meetup will be locate in Asia =) ~~

I'm from Belgium, so sad that I cant be there :(

I would loooove to show up. But NY is on the other side of the globe sadly. And I am broke as fuck. But eventually when you plan on doing a meet up in europe (f.e. Germany maybe?!) I definitely would be happy to participate.

Would love to come down, but live in the UK.

Hell yea! @entrepreneur916 aka @thundercurator and myself will make the drive out there! Cant wait!

@bunnymoney @entrepreneur916 aka @thundercurator looking forward to meeting you guys and having some beverages ;) #NYC

good luck boss :)

Thats really cool to hear @Wa7! We host a weekly Steem based Radio Show, The Resteem Radio Show which airs on @MSP-Waves if you would be interested in joining us for an interview about Dlive sometime! You can hear the show on my @Ma1neEvent Profile. Dlive is a really cool addition to the Steem blockchain community!

I am actually in New York City that day, so I just signed up! Can't wait to see you and engage with the dlive community

@raci, That's awesome news! Ill see you there brother, and cant wait to engage with some new #Dlivers!

Congratulation wa7! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 33min with 24 votes.

Awesome! I wish I could be there. Hope you have a meeting in Europe soon. When I started on Dlive the Tech Support guys on Discord were VERY helpful and went out of their way to assist. Great platform! Greetings, Ralph

Thanks for your kindness..... we try to attend this live......

Very cool. Wish I could come. Have fun out there @wa7 !!

ok steady friend .. the best friend of success is always with you

Wish I could make it to Blockchain week! Maybe next year. Very cool that you guys are using this opportunity to host a DLive meetup. I just started using DLive, and it would have been great to meet you and connect with more Dliver’s! ❤️

Have a great week in NYC!

Funny I'll actually be in NYC on that day. However I'll be travelling on the day so I would miss my flight if I tried to make the meeting 😭

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I can't wait to see everyone there!

Dlive steem I love it and very nice maybe keep following it

I really want to attend this event

thank informasi yang bermanfaat saya dlive indonesia semoga acara sukses

I'd go if I lived in NYC, but I live around the old Amsterdam, not 'New Amsterdam' (NYC) ;)

Wish I could be there. I've streamed a few Austin Steemit meetups on DLive, but it would be cool to meet other DLive streamers in person.

Awesome! but, so far from me, and i have a lot of to do here -_- i wish you're luck always @wa7

gimana bang @hafizul apa kita pigi..? biar kita boking tempat terus.. hahahaaa :D

Too far :(

Good job =)

Ah Ah keşke istanbulda da olsa :D

Thanks 👍

fajnie że takie rzeczy wogóle organizują

No stress with dlive..
Super cool..
I wish I could join the get together.
But I'm in another continent.

wow. Vietnam meetup " HaNoi"

I will be there for sure! I have been to The Flatiron many times in the past. I used to work right in that area. I am looking forward to meeting fellow D-LIVERS! It will be a blast!

ughh too farrrr .. hopefully there is meeting up around asia ! have fun everybody

I'm pretty jealous, would have love to connect with some fellow streamers, but from Belgium to NY is a bit of overkill :(

Maybe we can organize another one in Europe if this one ended up a success?

Please, let's organize a meetup in Asia as well! China and Thailand are both okayyyy, lol ;-)

take a bit out of the #big #apple

I support from Turkey, I would like to come


Good morning @ wa7 on June 2 in Bogota - Colombia will be an event called the Cryptolatinfest. It will be a very important event where many renowned Youtubers and Influencers will be attending in Latin America and I will attend the event, so I wanted to know if it is possible for me to lead a Meet up in that event on behalf of dlive to motivate new users to join this platform and Steemit.

Yes... I done to join in DLIVE.... GOOD..

Hi Kent, would you like to be interviewed by me in my new podcast "Explorers and Creators"? Or for my online conference on "Scanner Personalities"? Do you also habe mutliple talents, projects and interests and want to encourage other people to do something special in their lives? Then please contact me!
Stay Steemed!
Love, Unity & Abundance

I want come there, i want meet with you are. And i want study about dlive

I would love so much to perform there snif wrong side of the pond though

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