Drawing a young girl - Colored Pencils

in dlive •  11 months ago 


Materials: Prismacolor pencils uni-ball Signo. Strathmore 300

Ikson - Spring (Vlog No Copyright Music)

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wow it is super real!

Wowwwwww you make amazing girl drawing😊i really like it

Thank very much 😊

Most welcome :)

It been a while I saw your drawing, probably because I have been on and off, but truth must be told you keep improving day by day. Now making it a dlive video is something wonderful instead of just images👍.

Yeah, I've been on and off too. Thank you for dropping. I hope all is well with you :)

Yup all is well! Thanks for asking. Good to see you back.

How do you make the pencils disappear while you are not touching them? Are you also a magician?

ahhaa other than drawing I know magic too

OMG its look reall girl you are a talented boy you make superbbb drawing :)

Thank you. That's very nice of you to say :)

It is very good pencil drawing. It is new experience for me to see.

Thank you. Hope it’s a good new experience :)

Hello how are you? Are you an artist magician? Well, I like your style, you draw so well that if we did not know that it is a real serious drawing, the girl is beautiful, so you are a magician who draws you because you create beautiful art with your hands and many pencils that are your Wands.
Greetings from Venezuela

That's really sweet of you to say. Comments like this make it worth the time I spent drawing :)

I like what you do, you deserve those words

She is looking so beautiful. Your beautiful dlive video helps us to be a good artist. I always appreciate your creativity..

I appreciate you always supporting my post :)

The girl's eyes are very beautiful and even bewitching. I was impressed with the whole process that the face has to go through, from different brushes to blurring the color. The effect or the shadows on the neck seemed to me to fit very well, and as usual, the hair was spectacular. I'll give you a 10/10!

Thanks again for the awesome support!. I hope you have a blessed day :)

The drawing is beautiful and doing it with Color pencils is highly commendable.

Thank you so much! 😊

Wonderful work van! I mean this particular art actually spout out goosebumps on my skin. Like i have always been a lover of your art and i wish i could actually express how much i really love your work with huge upvote but it's sad i'm still not strong yet. But yet i'll still upvote cos i really wanna show how much i love your works. I hope to be able to make heart pleasing arts like yours. Keep doing your good job.

Thank you so much for the support. Big or small it doesn't matter. I'm still happy :)

Hello Vaan, I saw your new work late and as always I like to leave my opinion, another great drawing performed impeccably, has a realism that seems going to come out the girl of the paper, and I told you in a previous post I love the texture and how you leave your hair in your drawing S, by the way I followed a tip of a post a few weeks ago and I have given several layers of different colors to get the one I wanted and I was very well at least for me to understand.

Wow you’re awesome. Your art looks a lot better. Thanks again for leaving your thoughts. Have a good weekend:)

Beautiful drawing my friend. She is looking like a real girl. Internet connection is very bad in my country which is buffering the video a lot.
But despite of it I will not give up. I will see the full video.

Ahaha I’m glad you’re making the effort to watch the video :))

You make it look so simple to draw with colored pencils!
Thank you for sharing! ^__^

Yeah it is. You can do it too :)

Beautiful as always @vaansteam !

Your art is beautiful too. Hope to see more of it :)

You have drawn her to be very pretty, using even colour pencils you can differentiate the different shades of her hair.

Thank you very much!

This is so incredible your art works are always beautiful... , i did a small portrait of a girl as well at my blog...,@vaansteam, kindly check it out..here

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Thank you so much! Yes I'll check it out

Really beautiful young girl. I love your amazing drawing. You are a great artist.

Thank you so much

your a good painter i like your painting 👍🏻

Glad you like it


You have a wonderful talent of the great ones, enjoy it and keep sharing your art. I'm really overwhelmed and I congratulate you.

I’m happy you enjoyed it :)



This is really beautiful! Good job! Keep it up! Hope to see more.

I will! Thank you so much!

My friend I would not get to make drawings as beautiful as this is that I still do not draw well hahaha but I love to see how you do it

You do a good job

Hello friend! Hope you’re doing well. Thank you for the great support!

what a nice painting. I totaly surprisef when i see it. If i live near to you i want to learn painting from you.

That would be awesome! Thank you!

You do very well the details were really beautiful I like the shape of the hair with its waves and those blue eyes so beautiful

Glad you think it’s beautiful! Thank you!

Regards! :). Amazing how you paint the skin.

I'm still working on it :)

:D Even so, you do it very well.

Happy that you love it

Congratulations on a great drawing!

Thank you!

I follow you, I hope for your reciprocity

It’s pretty easy when you have the right color :)

Drawing- a picture or diagram made with a pencil, pen, or crayon rather than paint.

Its really a nice picture

I like to try out all medium to see what I like and what I didn’t like about it

Wow wow...what talent! This is amazing...
Keep up the great work!

I will! Thank you!

OMG. This is very great!! Incredible. I love it!!💙💙

Glad you love it!

This drawing is very beautiful. Thanks for share. Regards, @jenemigt.

I’m glad you think so!

You are the master of sketching i must say she looks real it appears she can come out from the image.
very nice drawing

Thank you! Always doing my best :)

Wow so pretty this younger girl! It's looks like a photography not a art, really wonderful art and dtube video, your art is all time amazing. Thanks to share.

Hello! Gald you like the dlive video as I don’t post very often on there :)

I liked it bro...the girl is so cool

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Thank you so much!

Hey @vaansteam congratulation for sketch really creative.
You tell us that what can a pencil do, it can sketch the future, and give a life to untold beauty like which you did with your sketch of young girl.

Yeah she’s a pretty young girl

Yes she is.

Wow The drawing is beautiful I like

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Thank you

i love it, and the prismacolors are good pencils <3

Yeah it's pretty good colored pencils

You seem to have the Gods gift,Your sketch of this girl is simply splendid.To conceptualize and then to paint it perfectly is magical.Best wishes for you ,may you create many more such beautiful masterpieces .

Thanks for the compliment! I don’t have magic hands but what i have is patience :)

This is wow! You are such a talented steemian and a gift to this generation.Can you draw me too like this?

I will if I have the time :)

Thank you!

you are truly amazing

Thank you!


Awesome work!

Thank so much @sweettais

Congratulations, you are a great artist!

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Thank you

Very nice work

Thank you!

This post has received a 43.92 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @vaansteam.

Thank you

wow most amazing drawing, the girl is very realistic...!!
quedo genial el dibujo bro :D

Thank you so much!

great work bro you always 'WOW" me with your work, your work always inspires me each time i want to draw @vaansteam

Ridicules!! How you doing that.. you are talent guy :) Where you learning the art? Can you give me some tips. Thanks

She is looking so beautiful and Awesome. Your beautiful dlive video helps us to be a good artist and good articles . I always appreciate your creativity..and work on steemit

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  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Beatiful drawing She looks real!! Amazing, Thanks for share
Regards ; )

Amazing work!

Thank you!


very artistic.. two thumbs up! :)

I love your brilliant drawing. You are such a genious.

Thank you so much!

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simply charming! I really like your work, it's clean, well accomplished and the technique you have to practically erase the stroke of the pencil is sensational. very good work continues to surpass you. Congratulations!


exelente trabajo amigo. tienes mi apoyo. saludos desde venezuela.

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Si fue en una sola sesión es espectacular. Saludos.

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Thank you

Realy beautiful drawing. I love your art

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Awesomazing. ☺

painting video is really nice its like a real pic

so much talent nice !

amazing work of art! Hey Vaan. I already posted some of art works too. :) thank you!