Timelapse Speed Drawing Process! First time on Dlive

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Speed Drawing with charcoal

Materials: Charbothello chalk-pastel, Strathmore Bristol 300, Charcoal Primo, mono zero eraser

Music: Prod. by Tarek on GarageBand - Rising Hero

My video is at DLive


Beautiful .. Interesting
Everyone who works hard deserves the best
Well done, thanks for the tips..

I hope that you deserve the best too ;)

Very good job! I aint the best with realism or portraits

Thank you @drtarts I'm sure you can do it too! You have great talent!

Well done, @vaansteam - great results for a first-ever video. I hope it encourages you to keep making them! I know it's a bit of a bind remembering to film, editing afterwards, uploading etc, but if people respond well like they have here, it makes it a fair trade, am I right? :D

Thanks for taking the time to share your process with us!

Jay <3

Thank you @jaytaylor that really encourages me to do more. It’s very time consuming. Drawing and then editing. But you’re right, it’s very rewarding to see your videos all comes together and how people respond to it. :D

Amazing !! This clip inspires me more to draw with charcoal. Thank you @vaansteam

Yes, you should give it a try! Maybe you’ll be really good at it. Hope to see your work again soon @livvu :)

Man, you are good
That is stunning

Its really awesome man and congratulations for your first Dlive video, your drawing skills are really awesome.

i agree with you, that's really awesome speed drawing, it looks like real. i hope i can have that skill

Thank you, but my video lagging so much. Maybe it's my file size?

It happens with Dtube sometimes

Wish I could draw as good:D Awesome work! I hope to see more of your drawings in future :D

Yes, I’ll be doing more soon. My YouTube channel will be up soon

it was truly amazing.... i love how you did the hair.... i didn't know that charcoal pencil could be so amazing.... you did the eyes so fast, and the cloth looks really real..... i gotta try drawing with charcoal.... thank you for sharing such an amazing video.... you should make more of these kind of video..... i love watching timelapse art, mostly digital, but pencil is okay too

@masummim50 you should give it a try. And thank you for the compliment. It means a lot to me. I really like doing video. Hopefully I’m able to do more in the future


Woww..you never fails to amaze me with your work😍 amazing👌

Thank you so much @footlooselatika glad you were amazed:)

You have an incredible level of drawing skill. I envy you)

Thank you @fourapril I appreciate that :)

Great job my friend... I Like, greetings from Venezuela.

Thank you friend :) and nice to meet you!

I'm not good at painting, seeing you start coloring from the eyes make me want to ask. Is that part of the painting trick you conveyed?

You can start from anywhere. But I usually start from the eyes,

It's so beautiful! And I love to see how you do it <3

I’m glad you like it :)

Wow,beautiful art, it's so amazing @vaansteam , thanks for sharing your great proccess..

Your welcome @rizkamauliza Thank you for commenting

Nice to see you sir @vaansteem on dtube. I always appreciate your wonderful drawing skill and now it's more easier to learn drawing on dtube.

Thank you so much @msena

Hai bro, you dit it so good, very like your proccess and it's well done..

Good job and wish you luck bro..


I wish you the best too! Thank you!

so fucking good man

You have done well

Very talented, it's look so beautiful art..
Thanks for sharing this with us @vaansteam

Good to see your first dlive. Beautiful artwork @vaansteam
Thanks for sharing buddy!

Thank you @gpalav I really appreciate it :)

its the process that make it that much better!

I’m glad you like it

I am proud and happy to see your drawing speed incredible.I want you to draw a photo of madonna.I am happy to have friends like you. Thansk

Thanks for the suggestion, I might do a drawing if her soon

Congratulations for entering Dlive club. You have some serious skill of drawing. keep it up @vaansteam

Thank you @kamchore Good to be in Dlive club!

This is Awesome @vaansteam, I enjoyed the video and i appreciate your work. Last time i had a request for a "Tree sketch" post. Hope, you didn't forget it. Thank You

Yeah I still remember that. Thank you again for the support!

There's is a quote "You don't take a photograph, you make it", I felt that is apt for you. Nice work and love your painting skills.

That is a very nice quote thank you! :D

First of all its really good and beautiful. I am not an artist but I appreciate it always. It makes to draw but I can’t. By the way I showed that to my friend she is very intrested in arts and she loves it. Now she want join steemit too.

Thank you. I hope your friend will join soon :)

Wow congratulations dear! You are the great artist that i have never seen and your drowning system is also different from other artists, best wishes for you.

Thank you @tangera That means a lot!

That's awesome, and really inspiring - I showed my family and they thought it was super cool too! Nice job in posting. Makes me want to get moving and post a video too. Thanks for the push!

Thank you for sharing my video. That help motivate me to continue doing it.

Wooooow! That's actually a very realistic portrait! <3

Thank you @somethingrandom I'm trying to improve everyday

This is gorgeous 😘

Thank you so much!

wonderful, i might dive into arts one of these days.

Really intruquing

You might like it :)


Amazing drawing!
You're very skillful!

Wow this is so beautiful. You did a nice job


i just came here to leave a follow, Great job I will be back for more.

Excellent work. Wish I had your talent. Did you learn how to draw from someone or were you self taught?

I self taught myself to draw :)

Even more impressive

Hello! If you draw on a vertical surface, paper is not required, so do not spoil the finished image. And there is no distortion.
Today I have a picture of Apollo. This is a classic statue, with its help learn to draw all the artists.

Yeah I checked it out. It was great work of art by you

Thank you! Did you study classical drawing school?

No I haven’t

wow it was amazing artwork

Thank you so much!

Nice video , your drawing skill are awesome

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Thank you atzone tag is awesome!

otro gran arte realizado de tu parte hermano.

Una pregunta como haces para colocar mas de 5 etiquetas, e estado investigando y no logro conseguir nada.

Thank you :)

Whaaaat? We don't get to hear your sexy voice?

I don’t have a sexy voice ahaha

Hi. I would like to ask. During your beginner years in sketching, was it hard? How did you manage to improve or develop it? Can I ask for some tips?
because I want to improve my drawing skills.
You draw so well. :)

Yes, it was hard at first. But I kept on doing it, after many mistakes, I’m getting better. Good luck to you :)

Thank you. It's a big help. 😊

A wonderful video, a stunning drawing. I like your work. Good luck to you!

Thank you. It’s my first time making video.

This is great thanks for sharing!

Your welcome!

I support your talent. Your work is awesome.

Thank you for your support!

Your drawing skills are really quite good, congratulations to you in the first video of the Dlive.@vaansteam

Thank you. I had fun doing it :)

Damn bro, u'r good! I never tried the charcoal before, only graphite, but you have the technique for this, very well work. When you can, go through my blog and look at my artworks.

Thank you and I’ll be sure to check out your art too. Have a wonderful week!

Very good job! Amazing !!

Hey. First-class good work. I'm about to test your teachings right away. Thank you very much and best regards.

Your welcome Thanks for the awesome support!

Dibujar es ver como nuestra mente va ubicando en el espacio la proporción adecuada. Donde vemos luces y sombras, como suavisar los detalles. Los rostros siempre me han parecido un trabajo difícil pero con tu práctica te queda fácil. Saludos luz fermin.

Wow! You are so talented! I love your Drawings. <3 Keep the good work up! :)

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I love this post.