Goodbye Germany - I am out off here

in dlive •  4 months ago


Vacation here i come

Just wanted to say bye bye Germany - finally I am heading towards vacation. Beach, Sun, Beer and Girls lol - I hope to relax a bit for the next weeks to re-load the batteries to join my next business adventures. I am pretty sure to show you photography from Bulgaria throughout my trip so do not expect a lot of my other topics but who knows.

I am sure to see great news on the platform, a new rise in steem price, lots of new users - I am bringing in some at the moment - watch that space. Be nice to each other - use that place as a place of peace, love and happiness - kidding - no - just be real. Take care and see you soon!

My video is at DLive

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Schönen Urlaub und bring ein bisserl Sonne zurück nach Deutschland!


Wird erledigt Peter - besten Dank

Help me say hi to my long lost girlfriend in Bulgaria trip man, peace and love


You really had a girlfriend in / from Bulgaria?

Enjoy your vacation, @uwelang. Looking forward to some great stories from wherever you are going. 🏖️☀️🍺


Yep, she came to study in Nigeria, left after her studies, and went off grid

Take care!

Sending you off with one of my all time summer favourites:

"Keep going" is the main thing.
I laughed when I saw this

Beach, Sun, Beer and Girls lol

You are always thinking of the ladies.
Have fun and relax, "down-time" sounds good, and what better place than the beach.


Eine gute Zeit in Bulgarien!! Lass es Dir gut gehen und lad die Akkus wieder auf. Und manchmal ist "nichts tun" produktiver als sich dauernd zu überlegen was man als nächstes tun könnte...

Bis demnächst in diesem Theater! :-)

Have a wonderful vacation, fun, sun, and relaxation!

Viel spass wünsche ich dir!

Schönen Urlaub!

Angenehmen Urlaub, viel Erholung und Spaß mit Deinen "Girls" in Bulgarien! ;-)

Have a good holiday.

Enjoy your vacation! :)

have fun ! enjoy