Dlive VR - Mixed Boxing and New Tower Defense!

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Let me know if there's any new or old VR games you want me to try. Doing a little bit of everything VR on Dlive. Come hangout!

My live stream is at DLive

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Jimmy is so bad at that game. Make sure to tell him (Jimmy) that he's bad at it.

Welcome to my stream. Testing out DLiveLabs for the first time :)

what's up seacactus?! Yeah it's on Steam, just setup an account.

I can hear you haha, there is a delay.

Steam is great for VR

Ya I plan to stream VR myself later today, had some issues with Nvidia drivers but I'm good now

It is not unfortunately. You just have to scream thank-you for the follow, or upvote. I usually will take off the mask after 30 minutes. Don't save your payment. I've been hacked before with an account linked to my paypal.

Ya DLiveLabs is an overlay that is displayed on OBS. You can't view it in VR unfortunately.

I use the Vive, I heard Occulus is better with more sensors. I think one more should def help. I just barely have enough space in my office to use the vive, had to cheat a little.

Did you end up taking a look at Thrill of the fight? Imo the best boxing VR game on the market.

Occulus is a good option that is cheaper than the vive. I am thinking of picking up the new Vive pro headset.

On your feed on Steemit. If you are following me it will keep you up to date on posts of people going on DLive.

I'm staying away from the trackpad for now, as I worry about the posture your body stays in for these positions. Doesn't look good for the spinal posture. Occulus controllers are much better however Vive tracking is better. I don't really get motion sickness. I am lucky for that.

The delay for DLive is around 40-45 seconds for NA

I am in my 20s I am lucky for now once I hit 30 I'll probably suffer the same fate.

Ya sounds like a great idea. Trivia game sounds cool.

I gotta jet but have fun with your ping pong!

see you around cactus