My Thoughts On Ned Powering Down

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Yesterday @ned the CEO of Steemit Inc. Started to power down his Steem. Here are my thoughts.

My video is at DLive



Hahhaha, That is hilarious!

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Here ya go, a lil insight on the situation.



"ultimate truuuuccceee" lol

Should we be worried about this? Steem has really taken a big hit lately!

HELL now! DO NOT worry! A POWER DOWN is NOT selling steem! He is most likely powering down to help distribute his steem around to more accounts for more Steem and hivemind/SMT related projects!

Why would Ned be powering down to SELL steem at this low price? Makes no sense, we just talked to Ned in @mughat 's channel and hes VERY much engaged and onboard 100% more than ANYONE here!

I have a feeling he is powering down to start a side project based around SMT (Smart Media Tokens) Which means a real launch of SMT should be about 3-6 months away or happening some time at the end of this year. That would be my best guess

Interesting perspective

That will be a little too late if its going to steal the thunder from EOS projects I think..

Like they are doing that well... ;)

I am seeing a lot of action brimming up right now. I would be coy to underestimate the EOS machine.

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Why can't they leave you alone. This world

well, this is a reflection of his past actions, all he can do is bear it.

I get these messages too. It sucks.

Badcontent is the biggest spammer on steemit 🖕

Badcontent is a bot that gets people added to it based on the amount of reports that person gets for one reason or another. Soooo yea.

In my opinion it is absolutely irresponsible that Steemit CEO Ned Scott reduces his voting power by 50% without making any announcement. Imagine, Elon Musk selling 50% of his Tesla stakes without any statement about it. Would you like to be invested in such a company? I certainly don't.

It is not the case that everyone who holds a larger stake is obliged to make a corresponding statement to sell his shares. But, as a CEO you have a certain responsibility, because you can cause panic and cause considerable damage to the company and its investors or in this case also to users.

For my part, I will certainly draw the consequences. In any case, Steemit and the company behind it have lost much of my trust.

Power down is not a SELL move. Read above comments, @ned is planning to use its STEEM and SBD for the upcoming SMT release. SELL move is when you exchange for something else than STEEM/SBD, which is NOT happening here.

Then he should publicize it. As a CEO he should more communicate about that sensitive stuff.

lul bro, Im not against you, why you flagged me? I jsut mentioned that I thought you got arrested coz I saw videos telling so last month.... I meant no harm bro.

That's new info to me. I would think he would talk about it beforehand and be clear about what he is doing. At least he can't pull the Charlie Lee dump. He has to wait for his power down like everyone else. I hope it has more to do with powering the SMT ecosystem with it but we will see..

if any company/site wants to follow rule strictly then the admin is also a member of the cummunity he should also act upon that rules, that Steemit CEO Ned Scott reduces his voting power by 50%

Looks like he is also sending a lot of Steem to a new account called @brixtongg. Wonder what that is all about...


Hey Trevon, I followed you before the BCC Debacle, and I'm getting tired of having to come in here and remove my votes just cuz @booster has not updated their "blacklist" yet, so you have a chance to change my mind. Make it a good one, I personally know the operator of Booster and Frontrunner as well. I'm not a hater but I'm not a fan either, plus when I was just a minnow all my questions were ignored by you. Like I said, one chance. I'm also a firm believer in not removing votes I cast, cuz it's just wasted and not returned to my VP, but I've done it at least twice now. Straighten me out, Bud. Or not. The Puck's in your side of the Ice...

For those who don't like to watch videos, it would be nice to have a raw overview of what you said in text form.

my only problem is the timing seems to be just as Steem is going down and EOS is getting momentum...

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I wouldnt worry too much about it, like you said, it would be the absolute worst time to cash out but then again, it's still going to have a negative impact because people on the fence might decide to cash out in panic.

I just hope this doesn't affect Steemit badly in the long term, even if it did these days.

You won't lose a thing if this platform is taken down @trevonjb, you have benefitted very well here and that shouldn't be a problem

Back like a mack :D where your bitconnect haters at lol

Thanks! Resteemed.

I need to turn on my D live notification cuz I caught it a day late I guess

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki article about Ned Scott. Thanks and good luck again!

Exactly what I said, @ned is a human being with expenses and if he decides to power down he might need to pay some bills, that´is the worst case scenario. There are so many good reasons, we might be close of getting some good news from ned soon, because he loves this project...

But it is the usual "panic" from misinformed people!!

Dudes gotta pay bills, doesn't he?

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That's what I was thinking.

Yo Tre some of us miss you bud! You already know that steemit is like lol There's no place like it, Plus you can talk a little bit about crypto here if you want!

always make sure you buckle up lol

2nd view wow First time

I can completely agree. I had to take a hiatus for some personal reasons, but I'm hoping very much to start producing content again, and maybe start getting a more varied set of content.

You keep doing you, and don't forget to be awesome!

Time will tell all things. I agree with on that if he were cashing out he wouldn't be doing it with these lows.

This is new to me @trevonjb. Well, he has a lotta STEEM so he powering down definitely has to do with something he wants to achieve personally perhaps for the Smart Media Token

Some people are talking about how the price of steem went down to. Well if you look at the price of steem it took about as much of a hit to it as etherum has in the last day so its nothing right now really.

Everything is going down

Thats what i'm saying someone was saying the dip in steem was the reason he is pulling out but that makes literally no sense because the price of ethereum has gone down the same percentage. I know everything is in the red but assuming the drop in price is the reason he pulled money out is just silly.

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i thought this guy is already in prison.

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