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What up Tre just did my first post in introduceyourself can yeah check me out from one of your long time followers. Other thing i wanted to ask is a post a day too much like only posting about every other day or so? Thanks

2k might be hard to accept if you are looking for a quick return. Some like myself see it as an opportunity to buy everyone's bags willing to sell for a loss. Imagine how many bitcoins you could buy with Fiat at 2k a pop! Thanks for the post!


I agree completely, @trevon, esp when you say it's sad but it needs to happen. Bear trends always feel bad, but they help reset thigs, help fill in history, help shake out speculators, help prepare for the next bull. And there will be another bull. Just... eventually :)

I agree with 2k. This bubble was just that... a bubble. We need to return to pre-bubble prices for it to be healthy.

Anyway, I've always enjoyed your analysis, Trevon. Please keep it coming.

BTW, I am on the trail. I am just approaching 500 SP. I would support you raising the limit... but I'd hate to be left off. I do believe in Steem so I want to buy more SP, but with Steem over SBD I have little to buy more with. Do you think we might see a reverse soon? I mean, if SBD goes above Steem, I will trade in a lot. I am not kicking myself for not doing so a few months ago when SBD went over ten bucks.