Dlive Chat With Travelgirl [33] - 跟 @Travelgirl Dlive 直播聊天

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Hi Steemians,

Its been 2 weeks since my last live chat as last week it was cancelled due to unexpected circumstances but I’m glad to be back!

Please drop by and say hello so I know you are there. I’ll be speaking in both English and Cantonese.

all chat history is now off chain therefore you can't see them on Steemit anymore

大家好!5 分鐘後我會在 @Dlive做直播。記住在留言部分打個招呼讓我知道你在喔。希望你們可以多多支持。我會講英文和廣東話 - 過來一起玩啦!

Topics I’ll cover today:

New game I fell in love with the past week or so

My new purchase - first time I purchased gold online! LOL

Found a new school for Baby E and Baby M - Yay!

World Cup coming soon!!

Received two more parcels from Steemians - Thanks guys!!

New girl group on Steemit - LOA

Hello Kitty - showcasing some items

Taste testing - I know everyone loves this segment

Please use the comment section to send me messages as I can see them :)

My live stream is at DLive

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