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Live stream of audio and discord chat with the OneLoveDTube community leaders and creators. Hour long discussion beginning at 12:00 pm Eastern, 9:00 am Pacific on Saturday, April 7.

My live stream is at DLive


It sounds like Reseller does some ballin stuff lol

Welcome, if you came to listen. I probably won't be able to keep up with everything at once, so the discord chat will be where all the action is :)

You made it, cool. Lotsa puzzle pieces, hopefully we got the right ones figured out

Interesting how this works. All the comments here go on the blockchain.

Yep! But it's also probably not the fastest haha

This is Going To Be Awesome!

I'll probably listen from the discord and just mute the stream so I can see who's talking lol

So it turns out all of the chat here also comments on the steemit post lol

Welcome everyone

ANND We're live!!

woot woot!


hell yea guys

you sexy this morning todd

Great first question!

I would love to work in the movie industry one day, but atlas my career path is too far off lol xD

I spend so much time watching YT videos about cameras and editing and the like xD

@kingfredrickvi there are endless amounts of videos can constantly learn new tricks I find

25 people!

71 refresh ; )

this dlive stream was a great idea @toddmck

Lets keep the watch train going lol

stroke that beard todd

lol you saying that made me think just now that Todd looks like Steve Jobs lmao

Another one (hour)

Just broke 100 views!

amazing guys!

Best Idea Yet!

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