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This is a quick experiment that I have been planning on trying. Since I want to optimize things, generally, I thought it would be fun to try delivering a quick one-off thought as a livestream so that I don't have to go through a bunch of hoops. It may work, it may not, we'll see how it goes.

My live stream is at DLive


Man I can't wait for HF20. Maybe they've been waiting to allow more organic growth which is why it may have taken so long for this since this most likely speed up growth once they complete it.

Great informative piece. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

Thanks Earl. It's an exciting time, for sure. I'm not super clear on the details of how HiveMind will work yet, but it seems like an important step in the direction towards SMT and anything that gives communities new capabilities sounds like a really good idea to me. The parallel to FB groups is quite significant, since those have been a real success story and a lot of value has come from them on that platform. I expect the same will happen here. Combine that with a streamlined user registration and onboarding process, and it stands a good chance to drive significant growth.

Thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate hearing from you.

I like the creativity

Thanks a lot! I'm experimenting a lot with these tools, and DLive is doing some pretty amazing work. If you take out the setup time, which should average out to almost zero over time if I keep posting these, it really was painless and quick. Creating the thumbnail and writing the post text is the only activity beyond talking that took any time. DLive rocks!

I didn't mention it in the video, but this was also my first test of the new beta streaming server(s), which worked flawlessly, I think.

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