Fortnite!! New skins... more... wins?

in dlive •  2 years ago 


Cash me outside how bow dah

My live stream is at DLive

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Steemit has people with amazing talent. Nowadays E-Sports is something I heard when browsing, can't wait to see how steemit will be used on this industry. Great post @tigerlily9000

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I loved this! I definitely want to see more of this! You got a new follower :) Had to watch while I was out on my phone!

you should ask your daddy to get you some doughnuts to refuel so youre not so tired ;)

follow me

I like your punk rock outfit!

Thank you!

I'll be home in about an hour :)

ok lily i always watch you :)

Hi Lily

i am amazed with your game @ tigerlily9000

Do you know you are on trending now?

Cutest streamer of Dlive, have a nice stream! :)

@tigerlily9000 have you won any games yet?!

Oh no

So close!

I'm too scared to let you down

Thank you!

I'm leaving work right now :D

great stream! UPVOTED, pls vote my stream up too thanks <3

atta girl! get those victory royales!!

Skins don't help you win....

unless you are wearing the dinosaur skin

yeah that is litteraly camo suit


Love Fortnite! :)

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:

I am your new friend! Can we be friends???


what :D

I am better than Miller in this game, can I join you Lily?

I am watching 👋

Hi @wa7!

your vioce it's funny @tigerlily9000

I'm watching Lily!

your voice it's funny @tigerlily9000

good lily with @redjepi inparty.

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I am watching :)

Did she just say @redjepi is going down?



So close! Good try!

You are very clever to play it @tigerlily9000

Can you do the loser dance at your dad?

I hate that dance too :)


hahahaha :)

You almost survived Lily

"You are too evil" LOOL


Jeez jimmy lol keep up the awesome work @tigerlily9000

Wow you are legitimately the best streamer I've seen

thank you!

Don't worry. You got this... But don't get TOO much hooked on technology ;)

tell himal to eat your boogers


Hahahahahah 😂 @jimmylin and @imjohnnymills I have found a better player than you 😂😂😂😂 and very sweet 😂😂😂😂😂❤

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@shankstaicho to be honest, she is playing much better than you and me and I mean this 😂

@redjepi She is way better streamer than most of us 😂



I think after watching this stream I need up my skin game.

Hey !

I see you @tigerlily9000

Tebrik ederim :) güzel yayın up :)

i like with your voice

Hahahahahaha ne kadar tatlı ya nasıl yemek yiğiyor ama hahahahahahahahaha 😂 good games @tigerly9000 you very very sweetttttt 😂😊

best stream 👍

benden iyi oynuyor :D

That's so BM

I usually add you in the game fortnite @ tigerlily9000

I'm ready for games! 💪



did i hear leofahmi want to join the game with tigerlily.?

good luck imjohn

OHH good kill!

how to get my post promoted like her?

that skin is amazing


we have a fortnite prodigy in the making... by age 8 she will be carrying drake in duos @gattisstatus

I'm taking notes on how to get better! @jimmylin

I believe it can happen @jimmylin

lily's dad, can you ask her if she would be open to playing duos with drake?

Jimmy stop #trolling haha How are you doing @tigerlily9000 Get them WINS in YO! lol

he plays better than me @jimmylin 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

incoming fortnite win

how cute

The supper is a child. You're making a beautiful broadcast. I'm jealous :D


dad's hand feeding snacks during a fortnite gaming session

It's broadcasting well from us @jimmylin :D

why not Overwatch :)

Have a good rest of your stream @tigerlily9000! Thank you for the good laughs!

Thank you @gattistatus


HAHAH, this is awesome

Hi :))))


nice stream :))