TidyLABS BETA Launch - Stream Alerts + Overlays for DLive.io

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TidyLabs Homepage

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TidyLabs Homepage

TidyLabs is a brand new alert system for https://dlive.io, compatible with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software and XSplit)

The site is still very new and has been in ALPHA since May 2018 - today we launched into BETA.

Current Features:

  • Custom Upvote Alerts
  • Custom Tip Alerts
  • Current Viewer Count Overlay
  • Custom Chat Overlay - Message animations / fonts / colours etc
  • Events List (Latest Upvotes & Tips)

TidyLabs Homepage

Why TidyLabs?

Alert systems for DLive already exist, however many required you to login with steemconnect.

Although I am perfectly fine with SteemConnect, I saw no reason why 3rd party alert systems would require the end user to sign in and grant voting rights for your account.

TidyLabs is different, all you need is a valid STEEM username, and you will be issued with a unique key to login with.

With this key, TidyLabs can pull all the information it requires for notifications, without the need for Curation Trails, Steemconnect or Steemit Keys.

Login Screen for TidyLabs

TidyLabs Homepage

What if somebody signs up with my name?

The system will create a new account for each new sign up, so your key is yours. If somebody signs up with your username, it will not affect your alerts as the new user will be provided with a different key.

TidyLabs Homepage

What does TidyLabs Look Like?

Here are some example screenshots from the TidyLabs interface.

1) Upvote Alert

Upvote Alert

TidyLabs Homepage

2) Chat Overlay

Chat Overlay

TidyLabs Homepage

3) Events List

Events List

TidyLabs Homepage

How much does it cost?

Nothing :)

I made this for DLive Streamers to enjoy.

TidyLabs Homepage

Plans for the Future?

  • Upload Images & Sounds from the dashboard instead of linking to them
  • Upvote Alert Animation / Custom Upvote Text & Font
  • Tip Alert Animation / Custom Tip Text & Font
  • Latest Followers (DLive followers)
  • Events List Customisation (Colours / Icons / Font)
  • View Count Customisation (Colour / Font)
  • Mobile Access (Desktop currently supported)
  • TTS for Chat / New Message Sound
  • TTS for Alerts
  • Vote Filtering
  • much much more ;)

TidyLabs Homepage

I need Help

TidyLABS is now in the BETA stage of development, so little bugs may arise - however if you require any help or advice, please pop into my Discord over at: https://discord.gg/tidy

TidyLabs Homepage

Questions or Comments

If you have any other questions, please let me know by either commenting here, or sending me a message.


Nice project, I'm also creating similar project and it have couple of more functions if you are interested check https://steemit.com/@steemitlabs

Thank you for this.

Awesome man, can't thank you enough for all of the work that you put into the platform.

You are more than welcome dude <3

This is really mega. Thank you for your work.
My problem is just, I can't get in anywhere where there is a reCaptcha query, because I can't solve it anymore and I don't know why.
Do I have to see how I get in there. :D


Have you checked out the help pages for reCaptcha ?

Link: https://support.google.com/recaptcha/?hl=en

Yes, I did. So far, nothing has been able to solve the problem. Luckily my laptop always works and since today also on my PC again. The only question is how long.

Looks good, I will try it out next stream!

Awesome! Let me know how you get on :)

Let me see if i get it right . Usernames can be signed up multiple times and every user gets a new key ?
I like your work tidy especialy your dlivetext tool i wil take a look at tidylabs

Hi, yes. All the alerts are controlled by your TidyLabs key.

If somebody signs up again with your username it will not affect your settings as TidyLabs only shows alerts for the key you used in your alert overlays.

Dude, nicely done! This is a much needed item. That's a huge boon.

Took a look at it already. Got a first glimpse and I must say that it looks good. :)

I will definitely try it out.

Awesome dude, let me know how you get on :)

Sweet! Thank you for making this for the community:) Will try it out soon!

No problem at all :) So many more things to come :)

Awesome, I am can try you tool 😁

Awesome! Let me know how you get on :)

A great job again from Tidy!
Thank you for your great contributions to DLive community!

I love the DLive community, a great group of people who all share the same passion. It's the very least I can do <3

Tidylive for president!

Hi @tidylive I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

This is no doubt the best stream tools available on Steemit, it actually works ahahaha.

I made this for DLive Streamers to enjoy.

And this is why you're the best Tidy, this is definitely made with love.

<3 <3 <3

This all looks and sounds awesome, great work man. Will be sure to test these features out asap!

Cool l, I'll give this a try next stream :)

Would be cool if we could get a vote counter, along with the alert you already have.

Great idea, I'll add this to the list.