My Steemit Got Hacked| 2 Crucial Steps To Protect Yourself!

in dlive •  2 years ago 


Greetings everyone,

just me getting back to mine streaming platform after my account got hacked.

In this video, I will show you step by step how it happened and show you 2 crucial moves to ensure your safety and keep those finances safe!

Wish me luck in getting my account back.

Btw, one thing they didn't know, I'm a Phoenix :P

Everytime I fall... I get up stronger.

My video is at DLive

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Happy birthday !!!

have a great stream brother!! UPVOTED, pls check out my stream too thx :D

@pathnotes please stop spamming every stream and video on DLive. If you've watched the video you would know this comment is inappropriate.


That sucks. I'm following you now. Hopefully my teeny tiny votes will help a little.

We can grow together :)

Sorry to hear about your account :( Thanks for creating this video to help raise awareness.

Thank you Jimmy, buddy. Appreciate it :)

Sorry for what happened to you, most streamers would give up at this point but you didn't. You have my full support and keep up the good work 👍 😁.

Thanks a lot for the support! It means to me. Btw quitting limits our growth :)