Sneak Peek Of Tomorrow's Montreal Meetup!

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The 2 Year Steem Anniversary is tomorrow, and 20 of us are meeting up to eat and celebrate at Invitation V. We're very excited to meet you all!

Steem aura 2 ans demain et nous en profiterons pour festoyer et célébrer à Invitation V! On vous attend!

Thank you @karensuestudios for filming and editing this awesome video! I couldn't have done this without you!

Merci @karensuestudios d'avoir filmé et édité ce sympathique vidéo! Je n'y aurais pas pu y arriver sans toi!


  1. @teamsteem
  2. @crimsonclad (Vancouver)
  3. @karensuestudios (California)
  4. @cryptoctopus
  5. @juliakponsford
  6. @vachemorte
  7. @philodendron (2 persons)
  8. @soushi888
  9. @pnc
  10. @helo
  11. @nickskywalker
  12. @mirella
  13. @lautre
  14. @nicobeaulieuqc
  15. @darsico
  16. @ashwinrajt
  17. @studio666
  18. @lymepoet

If you want to join us, please let me know!
Joingnez vous à nous!

My video is at DLive

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hahaha this gave me a couple of laughs and giggles, thanks. You seemed very pleased with the whale balls there :)

i just feel th same here matoo man

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what do you want to know? Hit me up on discord and I'll share me knowledge, nick is same as here.

i mean to say how will i improve and promote my steemit posts and please tell me some tricks about steemit

hit me up on discord

Discord ????

So how did the meet up go, and thing you want to share.

It is really funny photography.

I'm excited of the development of SMT, Many more developers and users will be engage for long term vision of STEEM token :)

thats very true

Wow, I lived in Montreal, and I miss the Bitcoin Embassy near Saint Levesque street.

I didn't knew that! Maybe we'll have the chance to meet up in the future. I'll let you know whenever there's another one or when I hangout in Montreal!

Good luck and looking froward to see a video after the meet up also :)

Happy aniversary to the future of social network "Steemit"
I hope this year will be more successfull for this platform .

dude this is so awesome .. i can't wait to meet you guys. those balls look quite tasty hhaha


Wasn't aware of this community in Montreal! Happy to find y'all.

I wish i were to meet with you

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O wow, I didn't know tomorrow is the second anniversary of Steemit.
I wish all the happines and good to the steemit community. I hope this platform prosper and grow. One day it will come out as one of the biggest platforms on the internet.

Wow! The great platform is 2 years old.

And the beauty is..... she is still a baby that is sure to grow into handful.

Great that you @teamsteem and other great guys on this platform are meeting to eat and celebrate. It really worths it.

wow 2 years that is great news very early days yet though!!

I didn't know too. Thanks for appreciating their hard work.

Even me i didn't know let steemit community grow

It will be really exciting meetup. I wish I could attend it.

Dommage que je ne puisse me joindre au groupe. Je vous connais presque tous... sur Steemit , même @teamsteem que j'ai appuyé comme témoin dès les débuts! Eh oui! je suis sur Steemit depuis presque 2 ans!
Je vous souhaite à tous une belle soirée!

J'aurais bien aimé te rencontrer en personne @grandpere! Merci pour tout le support! À plus!

Presque 2 ans... Oui ca file :)

Awesomeness, wish I was in town to join! Have a great time!

Hey steemians enjoy this greatest oppertuny.its a great news

any info why ned isnt active on steemit anymore?


Gotta eat more whale balls.

That's one of the funniest reply I've read in quite some time!

Flag @transisto for hijacking the comment :P

sweet to know that you read your replies....lolz interesting

yeahhh @transisto

😂😂😂😂 omg


Hahaha, thts what happens during meetups and in chat room, not eating, but kissing...

I wish you were coming to Japan.

congratulations on your event. Upvoted

OMGsh! I can't wait for tomorrow! See you all soon. EKKK! :)

@vachemorte LOL.

Great name, kudos!

You know Gui, I'm really frustrated I found out about Steemit a couple of months after the STEEMFEST in MY COUNTRY! T.T

Missed the opportunity of a lifetime T.T

It’s too good

We all will be a part of your celebration from here we are offering you our best wishes and success to all steemit family

oh wow thats awesome!

all the best steem.steem live long

live long and prosper like Spock

Sounds interesting, wish I was nearby to join. Could have been lots of fun for me.

I wish I had seen this sooner. I would have planned to be there. I have been looking for Steemit events in Calgary Alberta or Canada. Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Wow 2year anniversary that cool.....@teamsteem how did d meet up go.

I'm still new here, but this would be so cool to attend! Wish I could! I'll have to settle for making new friends on here, virtually, though. So cool that steemit is 2 yrs old, I wish I could have found it on day 1! It's awesome :)

I wish Sunsets were made of Cinnamon. Awesome name.

Thanks darling! I appreciate that, and yea it would be awesome if sunsets were made of cinnamon ☺ Totally digging that concept


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

so exciting !!!

Very nice opportunity to meet the Steem team and other team members, I wish you plan to celebrate this occasion every year at different locations

Steemit san steem is like brother with sister

Late-night jokes, because we in Indonesia currently midnight.

Good blog ..
I am really appreciate to see this post ...
Carry on. best of luck dear 😊

Well done! [email protected]
You're quite a dedicated fellow.

For me such a video that I am waiting for

To celebrate one more year of your creation and be special with us, we celebrate and we gain by existing. Steemit congratulations.


I wish you were coming to Japan

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

good dlive life food and funny post thank for shearing

Mandare una torta virtual. Cuenten con eso. QUE DISFRUTEN EN GRANDE!!!

Awesome wish i could be there to celebrate with you all but i will do mine here

Wohooo STEEM and STEEMIT \o/

Really funny) How was the meeting?)

wow great platform 2. year Happy New Year everyone


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I would like to join you for the progress and improvement of my account and my level

very good and i am sure is going to be a great meeting. i will be waiting to know how good it went

Oh, I wish I had found out about steemit before then!

no time like the present to rise, nevertheless

You’re right, better late than never!

I wish I could join you guys, but I am as far as the North Pole, however, happy anniversary, you all have a great time

Happy Anniversary all teamsteem team

wow nice

That is fantastic, it worth being there off course. Steemit has helped many including me.

thanks for sharing such rare info

This sounds like a fun time :) Enjoy!

agreed, more than a splendor

Good luck with the Meet-Up on Saturday. Have fun and say hello to everyone for me.

What is Invitation V? Why V? Why five? Well, I was once in Montreal in 2006. Great to see Steemit Meetups in Quebec. Love it.

2015-11-28 Duet01.jpg

V stands for vegan, it's a vegan restaurant :)

Wow! Marvelous meetup it is. Keep the support high up.

Congratulations to all the friends of steemit, I did not know that he celebrated two years this wonderful platform. Every day many more people join this great family and we will make it great with each post, comment, vote of each one of us. The family always helps each other.
Congratulations, one more year of much ....
I invite you to visit my profile ...

Wow this is really good, thanks for sharing

how well I congratulate you to follow the successes, to have a nice time in the celebration of your anniversary ..

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for organizing this meetup :))
I'm excited to meet you all tomorrow!!

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gracias por recordar de antemano @ teamsteem 71

wow 2 years already look how fast this platform has grown and we're still going full Steem ahead!

Happy Anniversary to all Steemians!
Sbd goes High or Low, just keep on steeming...

Nice Post

Hope it went well! Soooo glad it was vegan!!! <3

Im excited to see the montereal meet up .Im so happy to see your sneak peek with that whale balls..Enjoy the meet up Go @Teamsteem lets make some noise at Steemit.

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Good evening, what a good post, it will help me a lot in deepening my knowledge in this great community, thanks for the contribution

Congratulations! Keep steeming & enjoy everyone!

Wish you happy anniversery 😋🙂

I live in Montreal, is it to late too rsvp for this?

I've added you!

Thanks, I'm feeling too exhausted to meet so many people. So I look forward to your next post about the food.

Bon appétit.

Is going to be really good. Steem evangelism is the ultimate. Good luck to you guys

Wow! That's awesome! I did not realize Steemit has already been here for two years. I know I have seen a few profiles that say "since 2016," but this is longer than I realized.

Have a great time with your MeetUp!


Hmm !!!
Good work keep moving to success and lead us.

Regard: sems41

Wow. Two year Anniversary.
Happy Anniversary @teamsteem
Have fun tomorrow with all the steemians.

@karensuestudios did an amazing job making this video

I just know that tomorrow is steemit anniversary. It will be big celebration.

Wow, it will be a cool moment. Keep us update. Nice video

congratulations @teamsteem, we are happy steemer participant, and I like your video, nice jobs.....

Congratulations on your two year anniversary @teamsteem... Have fun on this day but don't forget to keep us posted😉😊 I hope to make the invitation list on the next anniversary hurry!!!

the sneak peak looks fabulous can't wait to see more from the meetup have loads of superb fun :D

I like your high reputation! :)

Hello @teamsteem.
Good evening from Nigeria 😀

This is a wonderful news and it surely does deserve such celebration.

Wishing you all the best and praying for the success and growth of this great community. Cheers to adding value to the Steem Community and society on a whole.

I would really love to be there, but till a time when that could be possible, I'll still participate through the wonders of the Blockchain.

Keep being amazing and Happy SteemVersary in advance 😀🎊

i am really excited . thanks to let us know . wish to join with this time

Wow wow wow .

Thanks to let me know about 2nd anniversary of steemit . Wish to steemit/community to be grow up very fastly then our thinking.

nice video, hope one day even we become 1 of the best member of steemit

wow that is really very wonderful news...i want to join the event but you know i am too far away from your country ,,,,,,

That's awe$$ome and super excited for you guys at #steemit and also excited for us has users of this great platform, Did you say only 2 years? Wow I'm impressed and looking forward with whats to come!

Wishing you all the best with the meet-up and I'm so happy that Steemit is plus 1

thanks for sharing about it the meetup will be awesome i think :)

It sounds like it should be an enjoyable time. Enjoy the celebration :).

That's so cool, @teamsteem :) I wish I could be there, but I'd have to cross an ocean. I hope you guys will record as much of it as you can on video and share. Have an awesome time!


so much fun it would be can't wait to see

nice post

This is great news! Have a great moment!

fun story, I love to read this article and thank you for sharing, very good post

A very good meet up brother. We are very excited to listen your dlive..
Thank you for your posting
Happy Trending