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Good sunday/monday to you — this is a collection of the best curated top 10 I could find yesterday on the platform from hundreds of hunted items for the day, they are picked for their awesomeness, exclusivity, eco ideals and other personal things that I favour — you too could make your own video clip like this everyday, in fact I’ve got something coming out for you very soon to do exactly this! :)

So watch out for that! :)

number of products and rewards today (open to change)
206 products, $139.69 SBD hunter’s rewards were generated.

my ten curated hunters today:
@dayleeo, @toffer, @rodus, @ambmicheal, @jalonedem, @biuiam, @fako, @christianolu, @shrazi and @stellabelle


[o1] ZipStitch
[o2] Standup Varibike
[o3] Yeelight Aurora
[o4] Toothpic
[o5] Resortboard
[o6] On the Brink
[o7] Zec00
[o8] ERC20 Widget
[o9] Leica X-U
[1o] CheapAir.com

Hope you enjoyed that top 10 today, don’t forget I’ve got a free unofficial course up on how to ‘do’ steemhunt over on skillshare, I’ll be putting up a graphic really soon as to where you can find it once I’ve added a bit more too it ;) — I update it weekly with FAQ questions alongside our podcast @productsense — see ya tomorrow! :)

My video is at DLive

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. .. and here is the youtube version for your inline pleasure.

feel free to add your own translation and this is the link for that > http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=vr_UpiPlF8s < — i don’t expect people to translate everyday but if you feel that way that would be awesome, let me know if you do a translation! :)

Hi. I've been reviewing my delegations and I've removed yours as it's been a while and you seem to be doing okay. Hope it's going well and I'll see you at Steemfest!


no worries. thanks for your delegation while it lasted steve! all the best :)