Exclusive DLive Video 88: 17 Years since 9/11

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17 Years since 9/11... My fiancé @lauracody and I are Travel Bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers known as 'Travelling Weasels'. To find out more, watch our videos right here on DLive

Music credit: Special thanks to @myndnow for providing amazing background music! Make sure to check him out!

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My video is at DLive

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greetings, tanbay

Excellent man. Only 1 month ago I had the idea of ​​putting my studies on video. Prepare them, film them and show them to people. I think this is helping me is speaking better in public and being less shy.

You should already be trained on this hehehe.

Thank you and good evening!!!!


Thanks again Julisavio!

Yeah I think a lot of the world remembers exactly what they were doing at the time.

It's a somber day here in NY.


Yeah I can imagine

I haveq decided to not even talk about this theme.
By the way i am following you in here as well now. Since the following count and feed in here is different. ;)


Thanks for following me on here Sergio! I didn't even realise it was different lol


Ai ai that means ypu are not watching my videos lolol cause i have done a whole video just dedicated to that ihih just joking. ;)

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Yeh, I remember, a friend rang me and said, turn on the tv.
I asked, what channel?
He said, it doesn't matter.