Jammin Time on the Chime Drum..wait...What's a Chime Drum?

in dlive •  8 months ago


I figured it was finally time to try out DLive and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

While hanging with a slew of Steemians outside of Springfield, Mo last month @Liberty-Minded was nice enough to setup hit recording equipment to capture a small jam session of my on my Chime Drum. (Thank you!)

For those that don't know my drum started life as a reclaimed propane tank. The transformation from 'trash to treasure' is all from the vision, skill and work of Ozark Chiming Cylinders.

Each side had a different scale on it (one major, one minor) which is why you see my flipping the drum over a couple times. These were all something a little bit more upbeat versus purely meditative.

I hope you enjoy!!

My video is at DLive

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that was not the sound i was expecting to come out of that thing.
i want one!

Its my first listening to it being played and its out of this world. You are really jammin' and feeling it. Whoa.. it can even be flipped over! The meditative sounded subtle and hollow but I prefer the upbeat sound. Could I say that's the major?


The first and third songs were the major scale (higher tones) and the second, slightly slower and lower tone one was the minor.

wow amezing. this drum give us so nice sound. love you for sharing this post.thank you


Thank you!
I fell in love with these things form the first time I heard them. I honestly fall into meditative states while playing it...so soothing.

waoo good job bro

It sounded good to my ears. I dont know the first thing about making music. But listening? Ah


Thank you!
Awww..lol, I don't generally think I know much about making music either. I just hit things, lol.

Drum is very wonderful
Video really special
You no longer see you miss you, my dear


Thank you!

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Thank you for the lessons you give, you are one of the best.

Owao its awesome. Great job. Carry on.


Thank you!

I have not seen you for a long time
When you publish something special and beautiful
Greetings to my dear friend
hope you are OK

Now that's something awesome to watch today so nicely done :D

Wow s3_252631_6450699_600323.gifWoww... you make it very creative. @sykochica
I love the sound

This is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

yes okay really very senag I see it

Amazing, You are incredible, just browse the articles of friends

hi @sykochica, thanks you so much for teaching us about this Chime Drum!
I play the djembe sometimes, actually, some sounds during your 3rd jamming are similar to the Darbuka =)

How can I find one of this Chime Drum, or learn how to make them? You were going to say it at the end of the video. I would really appreciate if you let me know.

Thank you! it was beautiful.

I feel like I'm repeating myself, but this is just so lovely! As a melancholic Finn I loved the second song the most. It's something I would want to listen to on repeat while going to sleep.

Soooo gorgeous, lil' chicaboo! I could listen to this alllllllllll niiiiiiight!

Wow what a talent omg what made you want to learn to play that??

this is really awesome,. Sound is really pleasent and make relief to ear. You are very good at this work. I comes to your profile after very long days . Thanks for share with us.

Hey - That place looks familiar! I loved this drum. It was really cool. Connor seemed to love it too. Sorry I missed this post ! @sykochica. I hope you are doing well. :)

yes okay really very senag I see it