Miss. Delicious #95 : W Hotel, Istanbul & La Petite Maison + Celebrating 2nd Steemit Anniversary Competition!

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Dear Steemit Friends:

We have done so much exploring over recent weeks that it was well past the time when we needed to stop, relax and enjoy some good accommodation and good food together. In today's blog we get to chill out together in the beautiful W Istanbul Hotel, of course located in Istanbul, Turkey. Then let's have some lunch and some dinner together, taking some time for relaxation and good food in the hotel and in the city.

As you shall discover, W Istanbul is one of the most unique hotels you will ever see and as a result, I just couldn't stop taking pictures! Every time I went to the lobby or back into my room or to the front of the hotel, I saw new beautiful things I wanted to take note of. To help you, my dear readers, I've tried to put all of my shots of the hotel itself, then the room and then the meals together. But as you will see, many of my snaps today came from different times of the day as I came and went from W Istanbul and discovered new sights to see each time I did!

W Istanbul is part of the W Hotels chain of hotels, first launched in 1998 in New York. There are now 52 different hotels in the chain, aimed at younger travellers who want something a bit different, special and artistic. The W here in Istanbul was the first of the chain to open in Europe - in May 2008. Located in the historic Akaretler Row Houses, an area of Istanbul full of high end homes, restaurants, cafes, art galleries and many more amazing sights. From the outside you could be forgiven for thinking that W Istanbul could be upscale homes in central London with a hint of the Ottoman empire about them. Built in the later 1800s the old row of houses offers a feeling of high-class homeliness to the exterior of the hotel.

The cobbled streets of the 19th century area of Instanbul outside W Hotel

W definitely Love U, W Instanbul Hotel!

But the interior of the hotel... well that is a different story! As soon as you enter the hotel it feels like you are transported into a different reality. This entrance hall truly encompasses everything about W Istanbul's interior. Beautiful lighting, stunning modern design and the real 'wow' factor. With 140 rooms, 3 restaurant and bars and stunning common areas, the hotel is one of the most stylish places I've had the pleasure of staying.

Just look at this entrance hall!

Every single wall and ceiling has been carefully lit, with different shades, designs and beautiful artistic patterns everywhere you look. This was just the concierge desk, complete with hashtag statement lighting and walls covered in geometric metal artwork. Once you'd thought you'd seen it all you'd just see more!

Further into the lobby were these seriously gorgeous seating areas. It was almost impossible to choose a spot to sit to have a coffee while I waited for my room. The area doubled as the hotel's cafe, but the conventional idea of cafe just doesn't apply here! As you can see, every seat, every wall, every piece of ceiling has beautiful moody lighting with the design feeling like a cross between an English garden, an Ottoman style nightclub and an American Jazz hall. With all of those different styles, you'd have thought it would look cluttered and feel a bit messy, but it doesn't! W Istanbul have pulled this one off nicely and I almost forgot to drink my coffee because I kept getting up and wandering around.

A great cup of coffee too!

Even the the bar and cafe area, called W Lounge was full of different funky lights. Greens, blues and pinks, hashtag feature lights everywhere, with modern black marble table tops, the atmosphere was really cool. The design of the lounge is very clever, with many different corners, screens and high backed seats making you feel like you are relaxing alone in your own private seating area. This was very clever because though the hotel can get quite busy, you were always able to find your own private alcove, all in a different style, to find some privacy and time to relax. Some hotels have large open lobbies which feel very hectic when there are a lot of people, but in W Instanbul you feel like you've got your own secret seating spot, away from noise and other people.

Even more examples of the beautiful lighting that is the real winner of this hotel

As you can see I tried out many different hidden seating spots. I felt like a little girl exploring the secrets of a modern mansion and finding my own little hiding places to relax and enjoy. No two areas are quite the same and would you believe that all of these pictures come from the same little lounge area. W Hotel spared no expense on the design of their common areas, making you feel both in awe and comfortably at home, in the same moment!

A few more quick explorations, the bottom right is the small spa area which unfortunately I didn't have time for

You can see the stark contrast between inside and outside the W Istanbul Hotel. Outside and you feel like you could be in a cobbled street somewhere in a boutique area of Paris, and inside you're transported to another world. I loved the contrast and couldn't wait to start exploring what my room had in store for me next! I was ready for more surprises.

Being transported through the neon pink halls to my room!

Each room number was noted in neon lighting set into pillars on the wall!

Where to start with my room. Absolutely gorgeous, artistic design was forefront in making these rooms as special as the rest of the hotel. Being limited by the space of the original building, the room certainly wasn't the largest I had ever been in but what it lacked in size it made up for in design. First, I noticed the huge mirrors on both walls, making the whole space feel much bigger, and of course beautifully framed by more excellent lighting.

Of course the mirror is framed with crazy geometric designed wood and the bed is lit from underneath with gorgeous pink neon lighting.

I did feel very welcome here in W Instanbul, and not just because of the pillow. The staff were excellent and though Turkey is known for its generally friendly service, it isn't always known for efficiency of service. My hotel here had both, with a lovely welcome as well as fast, efficient and attentive service from every member of staff I met. They checked and made the room twice a day to make sure it was completely up to scratch and not wanting for anything.

The bathroom was very spacious with this amazing celebrity style mirror that provided the perfect lighting for any lady doing her make up in the morning. I felt like a super-star with a mirror surrounded by lights.

There were some great examples around the hotel of modern art as well as homages to the Ottoman roots that are prominent around the city. Istanbul is famous for being a real melting pot of cultures, being the 'gateway' to Europe from Africa for centuries. As a result it has been fought over many times and has changed hands frequently. That means that culturally it's one of the most diverse places in the world - a fact that W Istanbul Hotel captures beautifully, showing that Istanbul is proud of its heritage, and excited about its future.

Having lunch in W Secret Garden

W Hotel's newest addition, W Secret Garden is a great place to hang out when the weather is good and you just want to relax. As you can see, it's so secret (and new) that not many people have discovered it yet! But I'm sure that it won't be long before this place is bustling with activity because everything about it was amazing. The food was great, the location just perfect with the beautiful bamboo and plants surrounding it, and the funky bar area for evening drinks!

Look at these crazy massive beanbags!

Got the entire place to myself!

It was very hot so I wanted a fairly light lunch, and I had quite a treat planned for my dinner, so I started with one of W Secret Garden's beautiful smoothies. They offer a range of appetisers, detox smoothies and mocktails with cocktails and other drinks also served, particularly in the evening where this becomes a place to hang out with friends, have some drinks and try some hookah.

Beautifully presented tomato soup with a side of croutons and cheese

Well... you know how I said I wanted a light lunch? Turns out there were too many beautiful looking things on the menu. I also ordered a fresh grilled chicken salad, make your own breakfast burrito with a unique take on hashbrowns...

Oh and the bacon and cheese burger sliders looked too good too...

After feeling well and truly full, I saw another customer who had come out to the garden order some ice cream and I just couldn't resist. It was a very hot day, as you can see, because my ice cream was melting before I'd even had a chance to taste it! But it was exactly what I needed to help me cool down in the heat of the day. I have to say that the food at W Secret Garden was surprisingly good for what is essentially a cafe. The menu was varied and enticing and all o the food extremely tasty and well cooked. For a quick snack, or for a really large meal (whoops), this spot was perfect.

A bit of shopping and then more food at Istinye Park

Istinye Park was first opened in 2007 and offers nearly 300 stores. It is widely regarded as one of the best shopping malls in all of Istanbul and it's easy to see why. It's absolutely massive, beautifully open and airy with all important air conditioning. It also has a Gym, restaurants, a 12 screen cinema and its owners won Shopping Mall developer of the Year in 2008 as well as the mall itself being awarded Europe's Best Shopping Mall the very same year!

The mall itself is 242,000 square metres, which is huge, comprising shops, food, parkign and common areas. It was designed by US architect Tom Kelly and it took 3 years in total to design and build. I distracted myself for the afternoon with a little retail therapy, checking out the many different shops, just resting and relaxing after some busy days of sight-seeing. It was a really lovely way to unwind. But the real reason I had come to Istinye Park was that the world famous restaurant, La Petite Maison, had one of their restaurants right here in Istinye Park. They have six restaurants at the moment in London, Dubai, Istanbul, Miami, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong so I was really excited to be able to visit!

The design of the restaurant is just perfect. With doors that can completely open the front of the restaurant, and the expressionist art of many different French artists, you feel as though you could be in a fine restaurant in France itself. They've done amazing work at decorating the entire place and the atmosphere was both sophisticated and relaxed at the same time - just what you'd expect from a lovely French restaurant.

The bar for some pre-dinner wine or drinks before being seated

The art work here was truly spectacular, with many different representations of art style from around France. I loved the acrylic 3D style shot of Steve McQueen on his motorbike and the fresh flowers must have cost a fortune to maintain. This level of detail is what makes an internationally recognised restaurant like this so special to visit.

The french love their wine so this restaurant can be no exception

As the sun begun to set, I was finally ready for some dinner after such a big lunch. Feeling like I was going to sit outside in a little down in France, I chose the seating out on the terrace for my dinner. Even though this wasn't really dining al fresco, I liked the idea anyway!

Even the drinks were beautiful and I hadn't even ordered food yet! In the top left I had what the menu called a 'Carnivale de France' which was Vanilla Ice Cream, Banana, Walnuts, Milk and Honey. And yes, it was as rich and creamy as it sounds! It was absolutely beautiful, as you'd expect, but not as refreshing as I needed after all of my retail therapy so I also got a 'Home-made Ice Tea which was made with Berry Punch Tea, Orange Juice and Berries - that was absolutely delicious!

Admiring the setting of the French feeling restaurant, right in the heart of Turkey


I was still pretty full from lunch so I opted for some small dishes and a simple main to make sure I could still stand up out of my seat at the end of the meal! To start I had the Chou-fleur Tabblouleh or 'Cauliflower Tabbouleh' which is a Lebanese salad mostly made with fresh herbs, tomatoes, onions and bulgur wheat. With a very current twist La Petite Maison had swapped out the grains for cauliflower instead. Beautifully seasoned, you could taste the freshness of the herbs used - a real delight.

I also ordered the Ratatouille et Feta, which was beautiful. A mix of Mediterranean Vegetables that had been marinated in olive oil, they were cooked down to the most perfect soft but slightly firm texture, and then topped with small pieces of feta cheese. I felt much healthier for these two choices after the slightly less than healthy food choices at lunch and I was amazed at how tasty such simple dishes could be made to taste.

To finish off my starter I had Aubergine Grillee, Mozzarella et Cravettes au Pistou which in English means Grilled Aubergine, Mozzarella, Shrimps and Pesto. Beautifully cooked this felt like a real delicacy. I could have just eaten a couple of these and gone home happy!

Finally, for the main I had the Saumon Confit Au Deu De Bois, a slow cooked salmon fillet with a sweetcorn relish and confit lemon sauce. A classic combination, the lemon and the salmon went so well together. Every mouthful was truly a delight with the salmon being perfectly cooked. Salmon can become a bit dry and flaky but this dish was a complete triumph. So far from France, the chefs here are still able to turn out beautiful French inspired foods that suit the most sophisticated pallets.

I hope you've enjoyed a relaxing time with me in my blog today. Time to unwind, enjoy my accommodation, and eat a variety of really really good food. Sometimes, you need a break. You can see too much too quickly and your brain just can't process it all. By the end of my trip to Turkey I was beginning to take some of the sights I was seeing for granted because I had already seen similar things around the country. But this can also be due to spending too much time on the road. It was lovely today to just sit in one place, enjoy some good food, relax in a comfy bed, and recharge my batteries.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. Just looking back on the beautiful meals has made me so hungry again already. I can't wait to take you on some future explorations around the world, tasting different foods from different places. If you've enjoyed my blog today, please comment below and tell me which food you most wished you could have tried! Also, make sure you like the post and follow me for even more blogs about food, travel, life and love in the future. Until next time Steemit Friends!


伊斯坦布尔的W酒店,不同于之前在泰国苏梅岛带大家探索的那种前卫明朗的风格,这家酒店的装修风格以红色和金色的色调为主,似乎成为了这座城市里独具特色和风格的那一抹色彩。酒店坐落在伊斯坦布尔的心脏,属于贝西克塔斯区腹地,紧邻于1875年苏丹阿布度艾锡统治时期建立的akaretler历史建筑中心。周围遍布了各类咖啡厅,餐馆还有画廊,是当地各色时尚潮流艺术的聚集地,只需要15分钟的步行路程就可以到达充满奢饰品和当地精品名品的Nisantasi购物区,可以说如果你想要去接近这座城市所有的年轻活力,这里是最理想的住所。下车看见最醒目的就是这个金灿灿的W logo,铬制的巨大字母W引领我来到了酒店门口,入口处金属质感的装饰墙,站在旁边照相分分钟都是时尚大片的感觉呢。很难想象W酒店就深藏在这排1870年代的奥斯曼风格建筑里面,欧式复古的建筑立面换装上潮流前卫的装饰幕墙,古今结合的恰到好处,一种与众不同的气息扑面而来。白天这里是街拍的圣地,晚上当这两大排建筑群华灯初上,更是迷人的没话说。



酒店的粉色荧光灯走廊指引我找到自己的房间,酒店拥有140间客房,由土耳其知名设计师Mahmut Anlar设计,他在细节处,使用了各种具有奥斯曼帝国独特文化的历史元素以及图案,希望借此让这家酒店更具有内涵也更加独一无二。推开房间的门,仿佛像是打开了一只多层首饰盒,总能不断发现很多惊喜和精湛的细节,房间以红色色调为主,新颖的融合了土耳其风情和当代的特色,让我眼前一亮,独特的照明设计,马尔马拉大理石还有藏匿着奥斯曼花纹的标志性W床铺,随机响起的音乐让人非常放松,没错,设计、时尚、音乐的确是这个品牌的撩客法宝。房间的室外空间,设有花园,露台,和凉亭。在我最直观的印象里,房间奢华的现代装饰似乎折射出这座城市的古老灵魂,洗手间的热带雨林淋浴让人身心彻底放松,Bliss品牌的洗浴用品用起来非常舒适。

午饭时间,我来到了酒店的露台酒吧餐厅,享受日光和美食,这间音乐酒吧在日间播放舒缓的音乐,夜间则摇身一变,开启动感十足的音乐派对,House Music极具感染力看,成为了这座城市标志性夜生活的名牌。虽然午餐简单点了罗宋汤,鸡肉沙拉,还有香到流油的迷你牛肉汉堡,却不得不说味道超级赞,不仅食材新鲜,经过优质厨师用心的创意设计,结合当地精选菜肴美食的特色,食物变得既美观又美味,鲜香入口,一刻也停不下来啦。最后还有香喷喷的甜品封顶,真的是一顿超级满足的午餐,也让我对于这家酒店的食物留下了极好的印象。

晚餐我选择在Istinye Park购物中心旁边的La Petite Maison餐厅吃饭,这是一家结合了法餐,意大利和地中海美食的创意餐厅,在很多欧洲的国家都有分店,不过这还是我第一次尝试这家餐厅。最初看到这家餐厅,就被它独特的装修所吸引,餐厅里随心所欲盛放的鲜花和绿色植物,装点出舒心轻松也十分温馨的气氛。墙壁上挂满了各种有趣的抽象艺术漫画,颜色缤纷,给人特别愉悦的心情。餐厅面积很大,在用餐高峰期,一层二层都能坐满,所以在周末的时候,可不要忘记提前预约哟。餐厅的食物,用料精细,制作精良,厨师独道的灵感仿佛赋予了食物以灵魂,每一道菜都无可挑剔,摆盘也很优雅,就算是最简单的食材,也可以烹饪的如此出色,凸显出餐厅厨师精湛的厨艺,牛排鲜嫩可口,吃起来津津有味,烤三文鱼更是让我吃到惊呼,简直不像是这个世间的美食,味道非常让人难忘。今天的伊斯坦布尔W酒店之旅,还有都市美食分享就要告于段落了,之后还有更多有趣的旅行故事想要分享给大家。

Anniversary Dance Competition!

August is a very special month because since 2016, it's been my opportunity to celebrate my second "birthday". That's right, it's been two full years since I first started on Steemit and what a journey it has been. With two years gone by, I can only be thankful to you guys and the rest of the wonderful Steemit community for being there with me through thick and thin. I would like to thank all the friends and followers who continue to support me, without which, I wouldn't be where I am today!

In the years to come, I will continue to invest all my passion and enthusiasm into the platform, sharing all my experiences, joys and happiness, growing along side you all, along side Steemit.

To celebrate, I'd like to hold a small competition -- for those who really enjoy music and dance, this will be right down your alley!

For this dance contest, I've chosen "Dura" by Daddy Yankee which is a very popular song in Asia but originating from Puerto Rico. The first time I heard this song, I couldn't help but dance along to it. It has very simple moves and should be a lot of fun for you guys.

Here are the rules :

  • You don't need to be a dancer to participate and you don't need to copy my moves if you don't want to. Just move to the rhythm of the music!
  • The video only needs to be 10 to 15 seconds long.
  • Domestic friends can use the Douyin app to find the song and record directly, maybe you can also check out other examples there for inspiration.
  • Upload your video to Dlive and link it in the comments below to enter!

First Prize 🥇30SBD

Second prize 🥈 20SBD

Third Prize 🥉10SBD

I'll be judging all of the entries based on how much I enjoyed the video so make sure to have a lot of fun! I'll announce the winners in my post next Sunday! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your entries!






国内的朋友们可以通过抖音找到这首歌曲Dura-Daddy Yankee并进行录制哟!在抖音上也有很多这首歌曲的热舞视频,也许会给你小小的灵感哟!





My video is at DLive


生日快乐!🎂🎂(因为是2岁所以来2块~ )旅游博客小分队中有你这样的榜样挺幸运~ 刚加入不久就得到你的点赞支持 一直很感谢喔 祝你继续闪耀下去~ ✨ =)


嗯~ o( ̄▽ ̄)o 开心最重要~ 玩得可high了 哈哈 会继续写下去的 🤝


Greetings, beautiful young lady SWEETSSSJ

Pretty cool your trip to Istanbul

In all the trips you make, I see your pictures and I notice that you are a very chic girl:D

I really enjoyed the video you recorded, the photos you put in your hotel and the chic restaurants you visited. I found the hotel room wonderful. That mirror in front made me think it was window hahaha.

Thanks for another lovely posting and good night!!

Someday I want to have this opportunity to make these trips too.


hey julisavio, thank you so much as usual, your tenacity is honestly very very amazing! If you enjoyed the video, I hope you consider taking part in the dance competition! :)

If there was a contest of the worst dancer in the world, I would win hehehe!!!

小姐姐,先要恭喜你在这都两年了。我代表 @mrspointm来参加了,哈哈,不要嫌弃我的舞姿,我的dlive视频一直上传不了,所以选择了dtube。



Congratulations on your two years on steemit! You have made this platform better by modeling extremely high quality content and by your kindness to others. You also show the importance of engaging with your audience. I can't wait to see what the next two years bring!

thanks hanshotfirst! You've been very instrumental in helping me along the way, and I'm glad we're going to be sharing this community for years to come!



哇哇,甜心轉眼間也長大成人兩歲了,哈哈哈~~ 時光飛逝,還這麼會跳舞了,哭~~~ :D




哎,Steem age是我唯一確定你趕不上的數字,哈哈!

期待我熱舞,你這是..... 想看笑話吧~~ 不然這樣吧,O哥跳的話,我就...... 考慮一下,哈哈~~ 考慮之後也不一定跳~~

眼睛環遊啊,這不過是抄襲你是我的眼的歌詞啊~~ 咦?這麼說好像在說我是..... XD

哈哈哈,呼叫O哥 @oflyhigh,这里有位刘美女要秀热舞啦,又有些害羞,就等你来邀请美女共舞一下啦^^

Hi @sweetsssj you look really sweet like your name. Thanks for sharing fantastic tour at Istanbul. I am very surprised about information you write down about hotel I bet you even people working in hotel don't know that much about hotel. I appreciate your research about that. I can already see you have such a great fun out there.
The dish I quite like is grilled aubergine that is my favourite it will be even more ummmm on such a lovely place.
I found you today on steemit because I am new on steemit but can't stop myself to follow such a sweet girl and like such a lovely blog.
Excited about contest too such fun way to win prizes looking forward to create dance clip to grab this prize.
Thanks a lot for such a great blog keep it up.

Posted using Partiko Android

Great choice zeeshannaqvi, aubergine is actually very frequently used in Chinese cooking, so it was very interesting to taste it prepared in a different style to what i'm used to.

Hopefully see your entry for the dance soon :)

I am feeling a bit embarrassed about making a video on dance lol never did such thing before. is there any way can send video just to you but not on dtube :)

@sweetsssj I see different style was it more tasty than usual style? Yes I know it is used a lot in Chinese food. Here in UK whenever I go for takeaway food or go to Chinese restaurant I always choose one dish like that.

Posted using Partiko Android

Wow! These pictures are amazing. What kind of camera do you use please?

This place is really beautiful, just as you are arrayed in beauty. You are really a stunning lady.

I always look forward to your posts as much as i enjoy seeing your adorable outfits. You know how to dress so simple, yet classy. Your feet shone with the walk of grace and oh boy! You are really beautiful.

I would love to make you my #WomanCrushWednesday. I will make a post about you, appreciate you and tell people what i think of you. That's what it is about but only if it is okay by you?

hi olawalium, so kind of you! You can of course make a post about me, I wouldn't ever object to that!

Yaaaaaay!. Watch out for the post on Wednesday and thank you for granting the permission.

So beautiful!!! I need to add that to my bucket list! Thanks for bringing us along on your travels. I thoroughly enjoyed the article and the Dlive video. Now, about the dance... let me get back to you. I will have to look for the music! Have a wonderful day, take care.

thanks dear! I hope you enter! :)

I am a little late and caught this just now.
Interesting review - what is not mentioned (for the budget-minded traveler) is that currently Turkey is very inexpensive due to the low standing of the lira. From a European view, one receives almost twice the shopping value for the € (based on my country Austria), which makes Turkey by far the most inexpensive travel destination for us.
The opulence displayed in your hotel I can see, but am not surprised: my city Vienna, Austria has a large Turkish community and I am familiar with their taste by visiting stores in those communities.
As an aside: have you visited, or will you visit Vienna - the "most livable city in the world" according to the Mercer Report? It would be interesting to read your point of view.

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