Always Wanted To Know How It Feels To Fly!!! Shot On GoPro Windsurfing Sept-2018 ⛵

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Finally I've overcome my inner fear and fully enjoy using the harness during my windsurf sessions!

When you're surfing with a heavy 4.2 sail that pulls with a lot of power, you learn to appreciate being hooked quite quickly. It's a great relief for the muscles of your arms and your back.

The video is a short insight into today's training, showing the status quo after a total of 9 windsurf lessons now.

I'm actually quite happy with how everything is going and have almost forgotten about my surfboard with no sail :-)

Thanks to Antxon Otaegui for helping me to come that far - and of course for shooting the video!

Please apologize that I can't provide you with a longer post today. I'll be heading for the Steem Meetup on Gran Canaria now!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, steemians.

Much love,
Marly -

PS: Here's the version for the youtubers:

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That looks awesome @surfermarly. I've tried a little kitesurfing but not windsurfing yet. It's on my to-do-list. 🌊 🤙


Thank you @benadapt! Well kite is on my list though :-))

Have a good ride into the weekend!

Keep learning windsurf. It's great.
If you can, try a board like the bic techno 160d or 185d. It's more stable and will be easier to start planning. ;)


Oh I see, here's the PRO advice coming, hehe. Thank you! I'll be definitely keep on training, am enjoying these type of sports a looooot!

Like a flying mermaid!



lol - enjoy your friday, friendly person!!


You are starting to look like a pro!!!

Is Kite Surfing next?


Haha, thanks!
Well... I can get bored very quickly, so perhaps I'll be trying kite one day. Who knows :-)
For now I'll stick with windsurfing since I really like it a lot - also I still have to learn soooo much.

Have a great weekend @gikitiki

Cool video. Always wanted to try this.


Thank you @wstanley226!! You should :-)

Glad to see you’re embracing the stoke of the wind. Have fun at the Steemup.


Yeah, literally embracing it.
Thank you, Stephen! I'll be reporting from the meetup shortly :-)

Looks so cool. I bet it does feel like you are flying.
Have a wonderful Friday @surfermarly

Cool - making great progress.....I hope you had a great weekend in G.C